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7 Things You Should Know about China Train Booking

We are more than a train booking App…

1. Our company has been serving foreign visitors to China since 1998 and start helping foreigners to book train tickets in 2013. In 2015 we developed a mobile application, called China Train Booking, to make it more convenient for our customers to book tickets in China.

2. China Train Booking owns an automatic ticket booking system. Any unsold ticket can be booked by our App, and the system will automatically buy them as soon as the tickets are released. Customers don’t need to track the sale time any more.

3. Our payment system has the approval from many recognized certificate authorities, such as ASTA, IATA, USTOA, and PATA.

4. Millions of foreigners choose us to book train tickets every year, and we are all about giving our customers the best train experience in China.

5. A responsible after-sale team guarantees every customer’s rights. All the refunds will be given back on time.

6. We patiently answer all the questions from our customers via Email and FAQs on our App, to help them travel and live better in China.

About Our Team

App Team

For the convenience of many foreigners who live in China or travel to China by themselves, China Highlights established an App team which mainly helps foreigners to book train tickets since 2015, and we have served millions of customers so far. We are confident to say that we are responsible with every customer from start to finish.

·Train tickets booking
·Ticket delivery service
·Consultation service (trains, travel advice…)
·Flight tickets booking

·Fast process
·Simple to use
·Caring personal service
·Responsible, expert attitude

Why Choose Us

Responsible Attitude

We are responsible for every order from start to finish.

Payment Security

We don’t record any private payment information, and we promise your money will be refunded within 15 working days after cancelling or changing bookings.


19 years of tourism service—we know what customers need, and we always put customers’ benefits in the first place.


Multilingual and easy interface which saves the complicated process of purchasing on China Rail.

Easy to Contact

We offer manual consultation via phone and email during working hours (9:00-17:00). You are always welcome to contact us if you have any trouble.

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