Top Questions about China Trains

1. How to pick up train tickets after I bought train tickets online? Where to pick up the tickets?
2. When would be a proper time to pick up my paper tickets?
Collection can be made any time before departure. Usually, it takes 5 to 30 minutes to queue at a train station counter. Under these circumstances, it will be wiser to get to the train station at least 1 hour before your departure.
Please note: when departing from big railway stations, there usually are many people waiting to board, so it is recommended to leave enough time to queue up. During important Chinese holidays, railway stations are always crowded.
3. Is there a place to leave luggage in Chinese railway stations?
Generally, there are left luggage service centers in municipal railway stations. They usually are located near the entrances of the stations. The charge for each piece of luggage is about 5-20 yuan per day.
4. How to get from the railway station to the hotel I booked?
It is recommended to take a taxi to the hotel. You can print out the hotel name in Chinese in advance and show it to the taxi driver. You can also view the online maps on our website.
5. Where to find a taxi when I get off the train?
There are many taxi stands around or inside the railway stations. In big and new railway stations, they usually are located at the exits on the underground floor. In small and old railway stations, they are located outside the exits on the ground floor. If you need a private car service, please contact us.
6. What documents do I need to buy train tickets in China?
You only need to provide the correct passport number and the correct name on your passport. It is important to make sure that your name and passport number are correct, for you cannot board trains or get ticket refunds if you fill in the wrong information. It is recommended to use China Train Booking to purchase train tickets.
7. How to cancel the tickets after I booked them?
Cancellation or any changes to your tickets are NOT accepted online after you have collected your paper ticket(s). If you need to make any adjustments to your tickets after collection, please submit your request directly at a train station counter before departure.
After cancellation, you will receive the refund in the same way as your initial payment. The processing period is subject to your bank or credit card provider.
If you book the tickets on China Train Booking App and you have not paid yet, the system will automatically cancel them after the train departs. If you have paid for the tickets, you need to cancel it on our App before departure time, and the refund is on the basis of China Train Booking Policy. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact us via email or telephone.
8. How can I pay for the train tickets if I want to buy them online?
If you buy the tickets on the China Rail website, payment can only be made by Chinese bank cards. If you book with China Train Booking, you can use foreign credit cards conveniently (visa and JCB are available). We also accept PayPal, WeChat payment and Alipay. If you meet any trouble in paying, feel free to contact us.
9. How can I understand Chinese railway station names? How can I know the position of a station from its name?
It is common in China that one city has two or three train stations. The stations are usually named by their positions in that city. Dong (东) means east, xi (西)means west, nan (南) means south and bei (北) means north. For example, Beijing Xi Station means Beijing West Railway Station, and it is located in the west of Beijing.
10. If I don’t want to pick up train tickets by myself, can I get my tickets delivered to my home or hotel?
Yes, if customers book train tickets on China Train Booking, we offer deliver service. But passengers need to book tickets at least 8 days in advance. And if there are enough tickets available, passengers can choose seat numbers if they choose delivery service.
11. Is it better to take trains than to take planes in China?
Yes. Now, many high-speed trains are available city-to-city, and the time is about the same as when flying. Taking trains is more convenient than taking planes, because you don’t need to spend much time to board, it is affected little by weather and you can use your laptop and cell phone on trains.
12. Is it safe to buy tickets on China Train Booking App?
China Train Booking belongs to China Highlights, which is a tourism company who has served over 300,000 foreign visitors. We are confident to say that we not only have experience with transportation, but also are experienced in other things to do with travel. Plus, we are members of ASTA, IATA, PATA and USTOA, so you don’t have to worry about any safety issues.
13. How can I choose seats to sit with my friends?
China Rail assigns seats randomly if you buy tickets online. If there are enough tickets, China Rail may assign adjacent seats for you. So if you want to sit with your companions, booking tickets as early as possible is recommended. If you really want to ensure that you can sit with your companions, only delivery service can guarantee you getting adjacent seats.
14. What to do if I can’t find direct trains between two cities?
Please contact us to plan the route for you. We can give you the best transfer plans.
15. What to do if I lost my belongings on train?
Passengers can contact the staff on duty timely at the departure or arrival station to try to retrieve the luggage after losing the items. Passengers need to fill in your personal information along with the detail of your Train & Seat No, and also the lost item information and location of the items to the staff. The staff will inform the situation within 24hours to the passenger. Or you can call us to help you to contact 12306 if you have left train station already. Please also inform us the above information.
16. Can I ask my friend to pick up my train ticket?
Yes, he\she can pick up the ticket for you by showing your original passport and pick-up number.
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