Free Cancellation Make For Wuhan Train Tickets

Our company have been in the China travel industry for over 20 years and we have lots of experience with handling unexpected situations. From the beginning of the virus outbreak till now, we kept working to do what we can do. For us China Train Booking team, customers’ health, safety and satisfaction are always our top concern. Here we want to share something that we do with you:

What We Have Done

Free Cancellation Make For Wuhan Train Tickets

In the time of the virus firstly outbreak in Wuhan, Our China Train Booking App announced that we will fully refund those tickets that are from or to Wuhan. And we also advises our user who will travel from or to Wuhan to cancel their trip including their train tickets. And no cancellation fee will be involved until our country pull through.

100% Full Refund to Customers In the First Place

We received many bookings cancel request via email and telephone at the beginning of the virus outbreak. We totally understood and fully respected our customer’s decisions and we have fully refunded the money to them as fast as we can. All this time, our travel advisors are online to answer questions and deal with problems for customers. During the hard time, our customers have encouraged us a lot. They cheered us up and always have confident in us. Thanks for all our customer’s kindness and loving heart.

What We Are Doing Currently

Update our China Train Booking APP

Our team never stopped the work during these few mouths. In the lockdown period, We were working at home, and from Feb. 27th, we returned to the office normally. We are now working on update our China Train Booking APP to make it more functional. We added more & new useful functions on APP, such as the icon for Electronic ticket, and Multilingual PDF documents. We have strongly confident that we can better serve the customers in the near future.

Our China Train Booking Website

Improve our China Train Booking Website

We still spent most our time to improve our China Train Booking website. We have write more new articles to introduce the popular train stations and train travel routes. Also our website have launched the function of make a reservation online. It is more convenient to book the ticket for website users.

Normally office work to process customer’s orders

We have back to office to work for three mouths till now. Thanks for our customer’s truthfully, we received some booking reservations during these times. We are work even harder to take care of every customer’s needs.

We will keep improving our product and service so that we can better serve the customers in the near future. You are always welcome to contact us if you need any help. We will offer help as possible as we can.

Book Your China Train Tickets Online

You are recommended to use our website to book your tickets. Or you can download China Train Booking app below:

Other ways to book your China train ticket: How to Buy a China Train Ticket.

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May 7, 2020 Published by: Carrie Zhang