Changsha South Railway Station, which opened in 2009, is a new and important high-speed train railway station, connecting the high-speed lines for Beijing to Guangzhou and Shanghai to Kunming.

It is not very close to the downtown area, taking about 30 minutes to reach if you take the subway to this station from the city center.

  • Name: Changsha South Railway Station (长沙南站)
  • Address: Huahou Road, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan
  • Address in Chinese: 湖南省长沙市雨花区花侯路
  • Station Size: 13 platforms
  • Nearby transportation: subway station, taxi stands, bus stations, coach station

The Layout of Changsha South Railway Station


There are two station buildings and two squares in Changsha South Railway Station: West Station Building, East Station Building, West Square and East Square.

Passengers can enter the station from both buildings. West Station Building is the main building.

As a new and efficient railway station, passengers can benefit from the “zero transfer” in Changsha South Railway Station, because many types of public transfer transportation are located in the squares.

West Station Building

  • Total waiting area: 476,00 square meters
  • Security check machines: 11
  • Ticket windows: 34

There are five floors in Changsha South Railway Station’s main building. They are for: the waiting area, the platforms, the arrivals, the subway, and the subway platforms.

Changsha South Railway Station's escalators

Take the escalators to reach the main hall

If you take a bus to the station, you can see that there are two escalators leading to the north and south of the station. After disembarking from the bus, please take one of them to reach the station.

If you drive or take a taxi to the station, you will arrive directly at the station’s entrance. Please pass through the security check before entering the station.

* There are 11 security check machines, which only accept Chinese ID cards. The manual checking passage is located beside them.

If you take a subway train to the station, take an elevator or the escalators to reach the main hall.

East Station Building

There are three floors in total: the underground departures floor, the platforms, and the elevated floor.

East Station Building connects to East Square, where the maglev train station and bus station are located.

West Square

The West Square is in Huahou Road(花侯路) direction and there are much public transportation such as highway coach station and long-distance coach station for travelers to transfer.

It is also a big social parking lot.

East Square

East Square is a new square, which opened in 2016. The maglev train station, bus station, and parking lot are all located here.

If passengers are going to board trains from the check-in gates 15–24, it is quicker to enter the station from East Square.

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Transportation Around Changsha South Railway Station


  • Operating times: 06:30–23:00
  • Metro Line 2 is available at Changsha South Railway Station.

    There are many signs at the railway station leading you straight to the subway station. The main stops along Metro Line 2 are Juzizhou Station, Wuyi Square Station, Furong Square Station, Changsha Railway Station Metro Station and Changsha Nan (South) Railway Station Metro Station.

    Changsha Maglev Train Station

    Changsha Maglev Train Station is located in the northeast part of East Square.

  • Stops: Changsha Nan (South) Station, Langli Station, Huanghua Airport Station
  • Bus

    The bus stations are all located in East Square and there are 15 bus lines for you to transfer to the different districts within Changsha.

    Airport Express

    If you take an airport express to Changsha Huanghua International Airport, you will be dropped off at the T2 Terminal Building.

    We recommend you take a maglev train to the airport, as it is faster and more comfortable.

    Airport Express

  • Starting fare (within 2 kilometers): 8 yuan during the day, 10 yuan at night (22:00–05:30)
  • Price per extra kilometer: 2 yuan during the day, 2.4 yuan at night
  • Lituo Highway Coach Station (黎托高速汽车站)

    Lituo Highway Coach Station (黎托高速汽车站) is located in the southern part of West Square.

    Passengers can go to Zhangjiajie, Yiyang, Fenghuang Ancient Town and many other places by taking a highway coach.

    Popular Trains to Other Cities

    • To Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: There are more than 15 high-speed trains from Changsha South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station departing from 07:00–18:00. It takes about 6 hours and costs about 478 yuan for a second class seat.
    • To Beijing West Railway Station: There are more than 15 high-speed trains between these two stations, running from 07:00–17:00. It takes about 6 hours and costs about 649 yuan for a second class seat.
    • To Guangzhou South Railway Station: There are more than 30 high-speed trains between Guangzhou South and Changsha South, running from 07:00–21:00. It takes about 6 hours and costs about 649 yuan for a second class seat.
    • To Kunming South Railway Station: There are more than 15 high-speed trains between Kunming South and Changsha South, running 07:00–17:00. It takes about 5½ hours and costs about 498.5 yuan for a second class seat.

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    Getting to Other Places from Changsha South Railway Station

    To Wuyi Square (五一广场)

    Wuyi Square is in the center of Changsha and there are many attractions located around, such as Pozi Street, Mount Yuelu, and Dufu Pavilion.

    Dufu Pavilion in Changsha

    Dufu Pavilion

    There are also many large shopping malls in this square.

    If you need to go to Wuyi Square from Changsha South Railway Station, taking a subway train is the fastest and easiest way to travel.

    Follow these steps to go to Wuyi Square:

    1. After getting off the train at Changsha South Railway Station, please follow the signs to reach the subway station inside the railway station.
    2. Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Wuyi Square Station.

    To Fenghuang Ancient Town

    There is no railway station in Fenghuang Ancient Town so getting there by coach is recommended.

    1. After getting off your train, find Lituo Highway Coach Station (黎托高速汽车站) in West Square.
    2. Buy a coach ticket to Fenghuang Ancient Town

    The ticket fare is about 140 yuan and it takes about 7 hours to get to Fenghuang Ancient Town.

    To Changsha Railway Station and to Zhangjiajie

    Only Changsha Railway Station has trains to Zhangjiajie, so you need to go to Changsha Railway Station first and then take a train to Zhangjiajie.

    Here are the quickest steps:

    1. Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Changsha Railway Station Metro Station.
    2. Leave the metro station from Exit 3.
    3. Walk for about 250 meters to get to Changsha Railway Station.
    4. Take a train from Changsha Railway Station to Zhangjiajie Railway Station.

    There are seven normal-speed trains between Changsha and Zhangjiajie, running from 04:26 to 22:14. The journey takes about 5 hours.

    To Changsha Huanghua International Airport (长沙黄花国际机场)

    There are two recommended ways of getting to Changsha Huanghua International Airport from Changsha South Railway Station.

    • On a Maglev Train
      1. Go to East Square and find Changsha Maglev Train Station.
      2. Buy a maglev train ticket to Changsha Huanghua International Airport.

      It takes about 20 minutes to get to the airport.

    • On an Airport Express
    • Walk to Exit A of Changsha South Railway Station and you will see the stop of the airport express.
      It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the airport.

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