October 20th, the torch handover of the Winter Olympic Games arrived in Beijing, the Olympic flame lit again! It also represents the transmission of the Olympic spirit and ignites the continuation of human civilization. At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, we will once again show the Chinese spirit to the world. Thirteen years ago in 2008, Beijing Summer Olympic Games was in the common memory of the Chinese people. Thirteen years later, the Olympic flame from Ancient Olympia, Greece has arrived in Beijing again, which means that the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are getting closer and closer to us. What are the important considerations in holding the torch relay against the backdrop of regular epidemic prevention and control? Furthermore, What's new about the torch relay and display? We will talk about that in more detail in this article.

The Lighting Ceremony of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Flame


Flame gathering is a landmark activity in the Olympic Movement. At the ancient Olympics, people lit fires in honor of Prometheus, who stole fire for mankind in ancient Greek mythology. In modern Olympic history, the flame was first introduced in 1928 and the torch relay began in 1936 in Berlin.

In front of the 2,500-year-old ruins of the Temple of Hera, famous Greek actress Sanci Georgiou, who plays the role of high priestess, prayed to Apollo, the god of light, and lit a fire using a concave mirror.

All activities on the day were carried out under strict epidemic prevention and control measures. The Greek Olympic Committee will carry the torch at the Marble Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens and hand over the flame to the Delegation of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games organizing Committee.

The Torch Relay in The Three Olympic Places Will Show Different Highlights

The torch relay route has been decided, in Beijing, Yanqing, Zhangjiakou three areas of the relay.

The torch relay in Beijing should follow the new development concept, conform to the four central functions of Beijing, and show the achievements of the development strategy of green Beijing, cultural Beijing and science and technology Beijing.  We should make full use of the advantages of Beijing's profound social connections and the concentration of cultural resources to show the reality of the Vigorous development of the Olympic Movement in the capital, highlight the features of Beijing as a famous historical and cultural city, and fully highlight the unique charm of Beijing as the "Double Olympic City".

Zhangjiakou competition area to ice and snow culture, historical culture, the Great Wall culture, industrial culture as the carrier. As a key display content, highlight the accelerating development of The Beijing-Zhangjiakou sports culture tourism belt.

Yanqing competition area to highlight its new image as the most beautiful winter Olympic city.

Innovative form : The Three Stages of The "Flame Display"


In addition to the traditional torch relay, this time there is a unique design that is very different from the past, which is the "Flame display".

The first stage, the flame display will allow the audience to get close to the flame. The flame display will be combined with the Olympic torch exhibition, which will be displayed free of charge to the audience and widely promote the Olympic spirit.

In the second stage, it will be displayed in public welfare projects such as sports culture and education supported by some Olympic global partners and official partners of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

In the third stage, the flame will be brought to areas with abundant snow and ice resources and a good foundation for snow and ice sports. In conjunction with local ice and snow sports cultural activities, the display of the flame will encourage more people to participate in ice and snow sports and support the preparations for the Winter Olympics.

Zero Carbon Emission Winter Olympics Torch -- "Feiyang"


Feiyang is the torch for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and 2022 Winter Paralympics. It was officially unveiled on February 4, 2021.

The color of the Beijing Olympic Torch is silver and red, symbolizing "fire and ice meet, passion flies, light up snow and ice, warm the world." The Torch for the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games is silver and gold, symbolizing glory and dream, and reflecting the Paralympic values of "courage, determination, inspiration and equality."

In terms of appearance, the overall shape of "Feiyang" is inspired by nature, and the streamline power of nature is full of vitality; In terms of fuel, hydrogen comes from water, which will turn into water after combustion, achieving zero carbon emissions and practicing the concept of "green Winter Olympics". Ice and fire meet together, passion flying, show the vitality and dream of ice and snow sports, lighting up every day leading to Beijing 2022. Moreover, "Feiyang" torch creatively uses hydrogen as fuel, which has high safety and reliability and can resist force 10 gale, ensuring smooth use of torch in extremely cold weather. When the torch burning carbon emissions for "zero", strong environmental protection, the realization of the "green" concept and the combination of the Winter Olympics.

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