As a Spring Festival has a very important traditional festival, people will not only finish the decoration of the room in this day very happy, hanging lanterns, stick couplets, stick grilles and customs also will be very attention to the problem of clothes, we will be in the traditional festivals are very pay attention to their dress, is a very strong traditional culture of the festival atmosphere.


Speaking of wearing new clothes, do you know other costume customs for Chinese New Year? If you don't know, no worries! In this article, we will learn about the customs of wearing clothes during Chinese New Year.

Wear New Clothes

In Chinese tradition, there is a long history of wearing new clothes for the New Year. Just like sticking Near Year couplets, setting off firecrackers and hanging lanterns, wearing new clothes is an indispensable part of the festival. The colorful new clothes make the festival atmosphere stronger and more beautiful. At the beginning of the New Year, everything is renewed, and there is a new atmosphere from the inside to the outside. Therefore, wearing new clothes also symbolizes newness and beauty. It’s said that wearing new clothes for the New Year is like wearing couplets on the body, which expresses the celebration of spring. No matter rich or poor, people will wear new clothes for Chinese New Year.

Why Do People Wear Red Clothes for Chinese New Year?


Chinese New Year falls in the cold winter months, and warmer colors are needed on cold days. Wearing red clothes for the New Year is a good moral, meaning the next year you can be prosperous; Some people say that wearing red clothes during the Spring Festival symbolizes good luck and has the effect of warding off evil spirits and protecting the body." So every New Year's day, people will put on red clothes to turn auspice, eliminate disaster avoid disaster. Another said, "Red is China's lucky color, the color of fire and the sun. Wearing red will be a big success in the coming year."

Don't Wear These Colors for Chinese New Year

There are some colors that we don't usually choose during the Chinese New Year.

Black and White: Chinese New Year is a festive festival. In some old people's mind, black and white are not too auspicious. If you wearing black or white, that will let some old people feel too solemn, thus losing the lively atmosphere.

Green and Yellow: You are not advised to wear yellow or green clothes during the Spring Festival. Because yellow and green in Chinese color perception are unsuccessful color or failure.

The Introductions of Some Special and Elegant Clothes


During the Chinese New Year, we often choose clothes that fit our daily life. Of course, some people are willing to wear traditional clothes on major festivals, such as Hanfu, Tangzhuang and Cheongsam. Clothing with traditional ethnic forms are also known as folk clothing. The main performance in clothing modeling, style, color, material kimono ornaments and other aspects of design refining should be more abstract, more distinct. Compared with other dramatic forms, the aesthetic characteristics of national costume are more exaggerated, more intense, and more free. On modelling and colour, abstraction and exaggeration are its most bright feature.

Many of the decorations on clothes come from traditional cultural decorations, which are used in clothes and traditional activities. In the folk people also like to paste all kinds of paper-cuts on the Windows. So you often see cheongsam, Tangzhuang with paper-cut elements on it.

The Costumes of Ethnic Minorities during Chinese New Year


Zang/Tibetan Nationality

Wearing the most beautiful clothes and wearing the most precious jewelry, even if the poor economic conditions, also want to prepare a New Year's robe, or one or two rough decorations. On the third day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar, people from Lhasa come in groups to Mount Aquarius in the eastern suburbs and Mount Yaowang in the western suburbs to put up sutras and colorful flags to offer sacrifices to the mountain god and the water god. On the fifth day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar, a grand opening ceremony is held.

Mongolian Nationality


After the 23rd day of the 12th month, people will prepare for the Spring Festival. There are various kinds of food and clothing, such as fried oil, fruit, oil and food, especially the products offered to Buddha should be beautiful. The second is making dumplings. Thirty is the most lively day, the whole family will wear new clothes, the morning to offer offerings to the Buddha, in the Buddha cabinet for the table on all kinds of milk, oil food, put into a small tower, with special honeysuckle on the top.

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