There are three main seat classes on China’s high-speed trains: business class, first class, and second class. Some D trains also provide two types of sleepers: a soft sleeper and a new soft sleeper.

For a long or overnight journey, we highly recommend you choose sleepers. For a short journey, you can choose your preferred type of seat based on your needs.

A business-class seat is the best choice if you want to have a good rest on the train. But if you are looking for the most affordable one, a second-class seat is the best choice.

Here, we have detailed the three main classes of seats on China’s high-speed trains. As you discover the differences between them, you can easily choose the one you prefer when traveling by train.

1. Business-Class Seat: the Most Deluxe Seat Class

A business-class seat is the most luxurious seat type on China’s high-speed trains. It is only available on G and some D trains. There are three seats in a row — two on one side and one on the other. The seats are sofa-like and can be fully reclined for passengers to lie down.

Each seat’s left armrest is fitted with a television, which is programmed with many movies, and a reading lamp plus small pillows are included. Some trains also provide a pair of disposable slippers, free beverages and snacks, and box meals during the dining hours. With a luxurious, comfortable environment, a top service, and a quiet space with fewer passengers, its cost is the highest but it’s worth it.

Business-Class Seat

2. First-Class Seat: a Reasonable Price with a Comfortable Journey Experience

A first-class seat is much cheaper than a business-class seat. However, you can still enjoy a comfortable journey in a quiet car with adequate space. There are four seats in a row — two on each side of the aisle. The seat width is about 48 cm and the backrest height is about 80 cm. The seats are soft and can be adjusted to a larger angle than the second-class seats.

Each seat has a tray table in the armrest and a footrest. A public television is also available. Compared with second-class seats, the seats are bigger and more comfortable so the ticket fare is much higher.

First-class seat

3. Second-Class Seat: Cheap but More Comfortable Than Economy Class on an Airplane

Second-class seats are arranged with five seats a row — three seats on one side and two seats on the other. Second class is similar to economy class on an airplane but more comfortable.

The seat can be adjusted to a comfortable angle but there is not much space between the rows. Also, it is not very convenient for you to get in and out if you are in a window seat.There are no doors between two second-class cars so it might be a little noisier than the other classes. Not all of the seats have a footrest but a tray table is in the back of each seat and a public television is available.

The ticket price for a second-class seat is the lowest among all the high-speed train classes so it is the most popular one.

Second-class seat

Now, having read this information, you might have a preferred seat class in mind but we still recommend that you experience each of them once to check out the differences between them and find out which one you prefer. We wish you all the best for your train trip.

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