City View in Tianjin

City View in Tianjin

At a distance of 137 kilometers (85 miles), the journey from Beijing to Shanghai takes 30 to 60 minutes.

More than 62 high speed trains, including bullet train and inter-city train, are on service everyday. It makes travelling between Beijing and Tianjin become so easy at any time.

All the high speed trains are departing from Beijing South (Nan) Railway Station, while the arrivel railway stations are different. The three arrival stations are Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin South (Nan) Railway Station, and Tianjin West(Xi) Railway Station.

In this article, you will find out which arrival railway station should be chose to plan your trip.

High-Speed Train Schedules for Beijing to Tianjin

The earliest train C2201 starts at 06:22, and the latest one departs at 22:46. The fastest train C2593 departs at 19:51 and arrives at 20:21, taking only 30 minutes to travel from Beijing South Railway Station to Tianjin Railway Station.

Here is part of the train timetable.

Departure Railway Station Arrival Railway Station Train No. Time Duration
Beijing South (Nan) Tianjin C2201 06:22–06:59 37 min
Tianjin West G383 07:34–08:16 42 min
Tianjin C3027 09:23–09:53 30 min
Tianjin South G163 10:45–11:21 36 min
Tianjin South G9 12:00–12:31 31 min
Tianjin West C2621 13:10–13:42 32 min
Tianjin C2047 14:42–15:12 30 min
Tianjin South G147 15:50–16:24 34 min
Tianjin West C2637 16:49–17:21 32 min
Tianjin West G8917 18:20–19:19 59 min
Tianjin C2593 19:51–20:21 30 min
Tianjin C2669 22:46–23:18 32 min

Train Ticket Price for Chengdu to Chongqing

No matter which railway station you will arrive at, what train category you will take, the ticket price does not vary.

Train Business Class Seat 1st Class Seat 2nd Class Seat
G / D / C Train CNY 174.5 CNY 94.5 CNY 54.5

Maps of Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing South Railway Station is the largest and main train station in Beijing. Any transportation is easy to use to get there.

  • Location: 12 Yongwai Avenue, Fengtai District
  • Subway: Metro Line 4 and Metro Line 14
  • Bus: 17, 20, 102, 106, 133, 343, 458, 485, 529, 652, 655; at night — 15, 17, and 27
  • Nearby Attractions: Tian'anmen Square 7km, Forbidden City 8km, The Great Wall 20km
  • Nearby Hotels: Wanfangyuan Hotel, Beijing Jinyuan Hotel, Jinnian Hotel
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket.

Beijing South Railway Station map >>>

Which Arrival Railway Station to Choose?

Tianjin Railway Station

  • Chinese name: 天津站
  • Transportation: Metro Lines 2, 3, and 9, bus, taxi
  • Nearby hotels: Pan Pacific Tianjin, Mehood Lestie Hotel (Tianjin Binjiang Road), Radisson Tianjin
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket

Tianjin Railway Station map >>>

Tianjin South (Nan) Railway Station

  • Chinese name: 天津南站
  • Subway: Metro Lines 3, bus, taxi
  • Nearby hotels: Tianjin Saixiang Hotel, Jin Long International Hotel, Zhongji Garland Hotel
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket

Tianjin West (Xi) Railway Station

  • Chinese name: 天津西站
  • Subway: Metro Lines 1 & 6, bus, taxi
  • Nearby hotels: Pan Pacific Tianjin, Holiday Inn Tianjin Aqua City, Courtyard Tianjin Hongqiao
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket

Tianjin West Railway Station map >>>

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