City View in Guangzhou

City View in Guangzhou

About 60% passengers chose to go from Guangzhou to Yiwu by high speed trains, as it is comfortable and fast with reasonable price. Below you will read all the inforamtion about how to take a high speed train from Guangzhou to Yiwu.

  • Guangzhou - Yiwu Distance: 1468 km (912 miles)
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Daily Trains: 3 high speed trains
  • Train types: G-train
  • Departure: Guangzhou South Railway Station
  • Arrival: Yiwu Railway Station

Maps of Guangzhou South Railway Station and Yiwu Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station

Bullet train from Guangzhou

Bullet train from Guangzhou

Guangzhou South Railway Station is the largest railway station in Guangzhou. Its transportation service and facilities are the best among the 3 stations.

Serving more than 500 thousand passengers daily, there are always long queues waiting to board in front of the entry, the ticketing window, and the checking areas.

Thus, if you are departing from Guangzhou South Railway Station, it’s better to set off earlier, e.g. 1.5h before departure, from your hotel.

  • Chinese Name: Guangzhou Nan Zhan, 广州南站
  • Address: Shixing Avenue South, Shibi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou. 广州番禹区石壁街石兴大道南
  • Transportation: Taxi (recommended), metro, subway line 2 & 7
  • Nearby hotels: Days Inn South Guangzhou Raiway Station, Sovereign Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Pan Yu President Hotel, Aoyuan Golf Hotel

Guangzhou South Railway Station map >>>

Yiwu Railway Station

Yiwu Railway Station is the only passenger railway station in Yiwu.

  • Chinese name: 义乌站
  • Station address: No.333, Beizhan Road, Houzhai Street, Yiwu, Zhejiang (浙江省义乌市后宅街道北站大道333号)
  • Transportation:buses
  • Nearby hotels: Yourworld International Conference Center, Tianheng International Hotel

Yiwu Railway Station map >>>

High Speed Train Timetable of Guangzhou - Yiwu

With 6-7 hours duration, these trains start from Guangzhou South Railway Station and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Yiwu Railway Station is the 9th middle stop.

Below are parts of train schedules from Guangzhou to Yiwu for your To book train ticket, please download China Train Booking app or back to Homepage to search first.

Guangzhou South Railway Station to Yiwu Railway Station
Train No. Times Duration
G1304 13:35–20:08 6 h 33 min
G1306 (fastest) 15:38–21:42 6 h 4 min
G1404 15:58–22:51 6 h 53 min

Guangzhou - Yiwu Train Ticket Price

Cost of train tickets from Guangzhou to Shenzhen is ranged from CNY 674.5 to 2131. A train ticket of a second class seat cost less than a flight ticket.

Seat Class G-train
Business Class Seat CNY 2131
First Class Seat CNY 1110
Second Class Seat CNY 674.5

Guangzhou to Yiwu Train Map

What to Eat on The Train?

Guangzhou South – Yiwu 13:24-20:08 (G1302)

Food delivery service station: Guangzhou South Railway Station and Changsha South Railway Station

Available food:

Guangzhou South Railway Station: Kung Fu Restaurant

Changsha South Railway Station: Mcdonald's, KFC , Mao's Restaurant ( Pork Cooked with Green Chilli)

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