The open date of Hangzhou - Huangshan High-Speed Railway was on December 25th, 2018. Now 15 pairs of high speed trains running between these two places daily. The distance is 287 kilometers (178 miles) and the travel time is less than 2hours. Many travelers plan a day tour from Hangzhou to Yellow Mountain.

High- speed trains running on this route operate at Hangzhou East Station and Huangshan North Station. The transportation around Huangshan North Railway Station is quite convenient. Travelers can easily get to Yellow Mountain and Huangshan Ancient Street from Huangshan North Railway.

  • Distance: 287 kilometers (178 miles)
  • Duration: around 2 hours
  • Stations: Hangzhou Dong Railway Station (Chinese: 杭州东站) / Huangshan Bei Railway Station(Chinese:黄山北站)
  • Main stops: Fuyang, Tongli,Jiande, Qiandaohu, Sanyang, Jixi North, Shexian North

Huangshan Bei Railway Station Map

Huangshan Bei Railway Station Map

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Hangzhou to Huangshan High- Speed Train Schedule

Train No. Time Duration
G2389 07:39-09:24 1 h 45 min
G7313 10:36-12:01 1 h 26 min
G7193 14:02-15:40 1 h 38 min
G2381 16:47-18:38 1 h 51 min
G1393 18:53-20:31 1 h 38 min
G7497 21:29-22:55 1 h 38 min

Huangshan to Hangzhou High- Speed Train Schedule

Train No. Time Duration
G7194 07:24-09:12 1 h 48 min
G2380 10:42-12:15 1 h 33 min
G2382 14:02-15:40 1 h 38 min
G7314 17:28-19:24 1 h 56 min
G2186 20:35--21:56 1 h 21 min

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Ticket price of Hangzhou- Huangshan High- Speed Train

Business Class Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
CNY 365.5 / USD 52 CNY 195 / USD 28 CNY 120 / USD 17

The Hangzhou – Huangshan High-Speed Railway is known as the most beautiful high-speed rail line in China, for it passes by many world-famous attractions, including Hangzhou, Qiandao Island ,Longchuan Ancient Town, Anhui style traditional village like Hongcun  in Shexian and the Yellow Mountains.

What to Eat on The Train?

Hangzhou East – Huangshan North 10:34-12:05 (G7313)

 Food delivery service station: Hangzhou East Railway Station

Available food:
Chinses Food: Yonghe Restaurant (Pork with Preserved Vegetable, Braised Pork Rice ), Wufang Zhai (Zongzi)

Western Food: KFC

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