A high-speed railway between Lhasa and Nyingchi in Tibet opened on 25th, June, 2021, which will be the most beautiful and expensive railway line in China. It also means that the high-speed railway is finally heading to Tibet. This railway line directly connects the two most important stops of the "Lhasa - Nyingchi" journey in Tibet, reducing the journey time from one day to three hours!

lakes villages rivers mountains snow-mountains

The line includes the essence of the scenery in southeast Tibet, covering mountains, rivers, lakes, villages, temples, snow mountains and other beautiful scenery, which will also be another boost to the tourism of Tibet. The opening of the Lhasa - Beijing railway ended the history of no railway in southeast Tibet. It makes up for the shortcoming that the existing transportation mode is vulnerable to the plateau climate, further improves the regional comprehensive transportation system, and improves the stability and accessibility of transportation. It has realized the dream of tourists to "take the high-speed train to Lhasa".

  • Total length: 435.48km
  • Speed: 160km/h
  • Stopover stations: Gongga (贡嘎) Railway Station, Zhangnang(扎囊) Railway Station, Shannan(山南)Railway Station, Sangri(桑日)Railway Station,Jiacha(加查)Railway Station,Langxian (朗县) Station, Milin(米林)Station, Gangga (岗嘎) Railway Station

Difficulties for Building High-Speed Rail in Tibet

This railway project is known as the "most difficult railway to build", mainly because of the construction of mountains, far terrain, frequent earthquakes, complex terrain and geological conditions, permafrost, mountain disasters, plateau hypoxia, ecological environmental protection and a series of problems. In addition, it also gathers mountains, heavy mounds, high and cold plateau, sand desert, thunderstorm, snow and frost and other extreme geographical environment and climate characteristics such as these problems. In addition, along the Sichuan-Tibet railway, it will cross 14 big rivers and 21 snow-capped mountains above 4000 meters. Let's take this graph as an example, which shows the change in altitude clearly.


How Does It Adapt to High Altitudes?


oxygen supply

The diesel engine equipped with this vehicle is the highest altitude unit with the largest power in the world, which can meet the application requirements within 5100 meters above sea level. Aiming at the high altitude operating environment and passengers’ comforts, this Fuxing train has improved the insulation, sealing, ultraviolet resistance and other properties of the components. Innovative use of independent suspension cab structure, can effectively reduce vibration, improve driving comfort. In addition, the train is equipped with an emergency oxygen supply for passengers in case of emergency.

High-Speed Train Timetable between Lhasa and Nyingchi

Train No. Time Duration
D8981 08:20–11:54 3 h 34 min
D8993 13:40–17:46 4 h 6 min

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Train Ticket Price for  Lhasa to Nyingchi

Business Class Seat 1st Class Seat 2nd Class Seat
CNY 452 CNY 206 CNY 129

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June, 29, 2021 Published by: Virginia Fu