On December 24, 2020, railway authorities launched a pilot "Quiet Car" service on some trains of the Beijing-Shanghai and Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed railways.
The " Quiet Car " is located in Car No. 3 (second-class). Passengers in the "Quiet Car" must comply with the "silent" agreement.
“Quiet Car" signs were posted inside the carriage and on both sides of the door glass. " Service reminder cards" are placed behind each seat pocket to inform passengers of the "silent appointment"; In addition, the onboard video system is silent by default, and a "Silent Car" promotional video is played in a loop.
Since there are a lot of people in China, many people like to be noisy, and people in some places talk loudly, which will make people very uncomfortable when they first arrive in China. If you like quiet or want to have a rest on the journey when you are tired, you can choose this kind of carriage. This is a way to respect the passengers' right not to be disturbed, and to give passengers who wish to enjoy quiet an independent choice, which is worth thumb up. In public places, high-speed train, aircraft noise problem always let a person suffering, many netizens have long support promotion in public places "mute", but because of the noise is still lack of a clear ban on public law, also lack of corresponding penalties, "mute" has always been a kind of initiative or "soft" rule. It is a good attempt to further protect the right of passengers not to be disturbed in public places by introducing optional silent cars so that passengers who desire quiet can choose to enjoy quiet.

Quiet Car--Available Train No.

quiet car

quiet car

Beijing-Shanghai high speed train no.: G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G9, G12, G13, G16, G17,G22
Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed no.: G8601, G8606, G8609, G8616, G8619, G8626, G8627, G8632, G8635

The Rules in The Quiet Car- How to Keep Quiet?

Questions about Children, Snoring and Talking

All crew members on the train have been trained in some dissuasive techniques. When passengers violate the "silence" regulation, they will first persuade them, and then adjust their seats to ensure a quiet environment in the carriage as much as possible.
For noisy children, the train staff will comfort them, if that’s not effective, the staff may persuade the parents to take the children to transfer to another car. Passengers who snore in their sleep will be woken up with a pat, a cup of hot tea, a reminder that the snore may affect other passengers, and a change to another carriage can be arranged if necessary. In addition, the staff said that "the quiet car is not absolutely quiet", just to maintain a quiet carriage environment, individual whispered conversation, in the case of not affecting other passengers is allowed.

All Electronic Devices Need to Be Silenced


In the quiet car, passengers are required to abide by the rules of wearing headphones when using various electronic devices, turning off external speakers, turning off mobile phones, and leaving the "quiet car" when making or receiving calls.
If passengers fail to abide by the agreement of the silent carriage, the conductor will squat to dissuade and remind them. Two attendants will be specially arranged on the train to observe the situation inside the silent carriage on both sides.

How to Book Your “Quiet Car” Train Ticket(s) on China Train Booking app?

If you happen to go from Beijing to Shanghai or from Chengdu to Chongqing, we strongly advise you to choose quiet car. So here we provide the steps to help you to complete a “quiet car” booking on our app.

  1. Open our China Train Booking app.
  2. You will find the “Account” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. After clicking the “Account” button, you will see the “Service Chat”.
  4. Leave a message, and note your booking number. (We will see your message and reply it in 1 hour.)

(Please note that the tickets on the quiet car are in great demand, we cannot 100% promise we can get them for you even if you leave a message.)


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