For the safety reason, passengers can not take a bikes onto Chinese trains as carry-on luggage based on the policy of China Rail. Imagined that if some pasengers riding in the waiting area or platfor, it can easily hurt other passengers and fall into the railway line, which not only endangers their own safety, but also affects the safety and transportation order of the railway, and may also damage the platform and vehicle equipment.

But what if you really need to carry bicycles for your rail trips? There are 2 ways to help you out to transport your bicycle on a train in China. Please kindly check the detail as below.

  • Consigning Your Bike at the consignment service office
  • Use China Railway Express to Deliver the bicycle

How to consign your bike at the consignment service office

Step 1: Sign a consignment form and luggage label at the luggage office of the railway station with your train ticket and original passport; The Consignment fee is calculated by weight and the journey distance.

Step 2: Weight the bike and pay for the consignment bill. Please keep the receipt safe.

Step 3: Use your receipt along with the passport to claim your bike at the consignment service office of your arrival station. The arrival station keeps the luggage for 3 days for free.  If you collect the bike beyond 3 days, you will have to pay an extra service fee.


  • The consignment service office is usually near the entrance/exit of the railway station. Ask for help to the staff if you cannot find it.
  • The consignment note and luggage label are in Chinese. If you do not know Chinese, show your railway ticket and bike to the staff and ask them to fill them for you.
  • Protecting your bicycle before consignment. We advice you remove accessories that can be easily removed and take them with you, such as the bell, light, and pedals. And you could wrap the front forks, frame, and seat to avoid scratches.
China Railway Express

China Railway Express At Hankou Railway Station

Pic from China Railway Express Co.Ltd

Use China Railway Express to Deliver the bicycle

China Railway Express (CRE 中铁快运 Zhongtie Kuaiyun) is an express delivery company, which offering rail transport services. Offices usually next to train stations.

Step 1: Bike Consignment Procedure It is better to consign your bike at the CRE office one or two days in advance, so that your bike will be there when you arrive at destination. You need to fill a waybill at the office, it is for Chinese so you can ask the staff to fill it for you. It charges more than the consignment service, basically calculated from the weight and distance transported. You will be given a copy waybill to claim the bike. Keep this safe.

Step 2: Bike Collection Bring the copy waybill to pick up your bike at the CRE office at your destination station.

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May 20, 2020 Published by: Carrie Zhang