A train in service from Xining to Lhasa

A train in service from Xining to Lhasa

Xining–Lhasa Railway Line is reputed to be one of the most beautiful high-speed railways in China because it passes many attractions, including Qinghai Lake (青海湖), Hoh Xil (可可西里), Tanggula Mountains (唐古拉山), and so on.

The high-speed railway line between the 2 cities was constructed in 2016, it makes the duration decreased to only around 2 hours.

There are seven normal-speed/over-night trains running between Xining and Lhasa. The travel time is about 22 hours.

Reasons to Travel from Xining to Lhasa by Train

You can also travel between the two cities by airplane. The duration is about 2½ hours and the ticket fare is about 600 yuan per person. However, if you take an airplane to Lhasa, you will miss the beautiful view that you would otherwise see if traveling by train. Also, airplane journeys are easily affected by traffic issues or weather.

A soft sleeper berth on a Lhasa train

A soft sleeper berth on a Lhasa train

In contrast, trains provide comfortable soft sleepers and hard sleepers, which are better than the seats on airplanes. Furthermore, the risk of altitude sickness is lower if you take a train to Lhasa.

  • Please note that since tickets to Lhasa are in great demand, it is recommended to purchase your tickets in advance if planning to travel by train. Book your train tickets to Lhasa via our China Train Booking app now.

Here is some basic information about taking normal-speed/overnight trains from Xining to Lhasa, such as the schedules, prices, and stations.

An Overview of the Xining–Lhasa Normal-Speed/Overnight Railway Line

  • Distance: about 1942 kilometers
  • Duration: 21 - 22 hours
  • Stations:Xining Railway Station (Chinese: 西宁站), Lhasa Railway Station (Chinese: 拉萨站)
  • Main stops: Delingha (德令哈) , Golmud (格尔木), Naqu (那曲)

Things to Know Before Planning Your Train Ride Between Xining and Lhasa

1. Xining–Lhasa Train Types

  • Normal-speed/overnight Z-trains: There are seven normal-speed/overnight trains running between Xining and Lhasa. The duration is about 22 hours and it costs 882 yuan for a soft sleeper ticket or 559 yuan for a hard sleeper ticket.

2. Available Train Stations

  • Xining Xining Railway Station is the only railway station in Xining.
  • Lhasa:Similarly, Lhasa Railway Station is both the departure station and arrival station for the Xining–Lhasa train.

3. Facilities

Apart from toiletsand hot drinking water, there is an oxygen supply system on every Lhasa train. Passengers in soft/hard sleeper cars can find an oxygen outlet near the bed.

Xining to Lhasa Normal-Speed/Over-Night Train Schedules

Train No. Departure and Arrival Times Duration
Z223 12:26 - 09:55 (+1) 21 h 29 min
Z6801 14:01 - 11:20 (+1) 21 h 19 min
Z21 15:21 – 12:45 (+1) 21 h 24 min
Z9813 16:40 - 14:10 (+1) 21 h 30 min
Z265 (fastest) 19:31 - 16:45 (+1) 21 h 14 min
Z165 21:27 - 19:35 (+1) 22 h 8 min
Z9815 23:02 - 21:00 (+1) 21 h 58 min

Lhasa to Xining Normal-Speed/Over-Night Train Schedules

Train No. Departure and Arrival Times Duration
Z9814 08:10 - 05:50 (+1) 21 h 40 min
Z918 09:00 - 06:43 (+1) 21 h 43 min
Z166 11:30 – 09:10 (+1) 21 h 40 min
Z266 12:55 - 10:35 (+1) 21 h 40 min
Z22 15:50 - 13:20 (+1) 21 h 30 min
Z50 18:40 - 16:30 (+1) 21 h 50 min
Z9816 (fastest) 19:40 - 17:00 (+1) 21 h 20 min

Xining - Lhasa Train Ticket Prices

Train Type Hard Seat Hard Sleeper Soft Sleeper
Z-Train 224 CNY 559 CNY 882 CNY

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How to Get to the Train Stations

How to Get to Xining Railway Station

  • Location: Huzhu Middle Street, Pingcheng District
  • Bus: 1, 7, 9, 11, 16, 20, 27, 28, 31, 36, 40, 47, 103, 104, 501, 909

How to Get to Lhasa Railway Station

  • Location: Liuwu Village, Deqing County, Lhasa
  • Bus: 1, 6, 13

Book Your Xining–Lhasa Train Tickets Online

Train tickets are issued 30 days before the departure date. However, if you decide to book via an agency or service platform, we recommend you book 2–6 months ahead of time to provide some time for the clerks to prepare your ticket(s).

The Potala Palace in Lhasa

The Potala Palace in Lhasa

We are not exaggerating when we say that tickets to Tibet are very hard to get. Some routes are sold out less than a second after the tickets are released.

So even if you are not sure about your travel dates, please book your train ticket(s)at least 30 days before departure. If you book your ticket(s) less than 30 days before the departure date, it is unlikely that you will be able to get a sleeper berth on the train.

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