You may know how to say HI, THANK YOU and YOU ARE WELCOME in Chinese now, knowing how to say goodbye in Chinese is also very important, cause there are many occasions in our lives where we need to say goodbye. Do you know what is the best Chinese word to express farewell? Or do you know how to make the sound of the word in the correct or a particular way, just like a native speaker?  In the next part of our content, you will be able to learn the pronunciation and pinyin of different “Goodbye.”


7 Ways to Say “Goodbye” in Chinese

1.再见 (zài jiàn)

Meaning: Goodbye/See you again

“再见”is a formal and standard way to say goodbye in Chinese. You can use this expression with everybody and in all of occasions. Chinese characters have individual meanings, here“再” means again or once more, “见”means to see. So 再见 literally means “See you again”.

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2.拜拜 (bái bái)

Meaning: Bye bye

“拜拜”is the most frequent and easy way to say goodbye in Chinese. It is a direct translation of the English word“bye-bye. The younger generation likes to use this expression after a day of hanging out with their friends.

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3.再会 ((zài huì)

Meaning: Meet you again

“再会”is a bit different with “再见”, here“会”means to meet. If someone use this expression with you, it means “I want to meet you again”or “Looking forward to seeing you again next time”.

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4.再联系 (zài lián xi)

Meaning: Let’s stay in touch / Let's catch up later

Here “联系”means contact or in contact with. Imagined that you are in a hurry, and your friend say hi to you and want to talk with you, then you can say “再联系”.  This indicates to them that you desire to talk with them later, and shows you want to stay in touch.

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5.保重 (bǎo zhòng)

Meaning:Take care

“保重”is a good expression which used in common. You can use it when your friends are going away on a long journey or leaving far. It shows that you care of them and wishing them a pleasant journey. It is a nice way to say goodbye in Chinese.

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6.下次见 (Xià cì jiàn)

Meaning: See you next time.

Here “下次”means next time. You can say this to a friend who doesn’t meet very often. You two have a date today, and planning to meet next time, then you can say “下次见”when the date is over.

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7.明天见 (míng tiān jiàn)

Meaning: See you tomorrow.

Here “明天”means tomorrow. You might use this phrase after the school day or working day is over, while you’re getting ready to go home. You can say it to your friends, your classmates or your colleague.

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