Chinese Name:微信

Wechat is the most popular APP in China. You can use it to do almost everything, such as sending text, audio and video messages, sharing pictures and videos, ordering food, booking flights and hotels, etc. It’s a must-have APP for foreigners who lives in China. You can register WeChat with your mobile number,please be noticed the country and region options you entered must be correct.

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Chinese Name: 支付宝

Alipay is an e-wallet, like PayPal, which allows you pay your bills, buy things and order food or whatever you want. You can even use it to buy insurance online. It has an English version so it is quite easy to use. But it’s better to carry some cash with you while go out. Besides, our China Train Booking APP also supports Alipay.

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3.DIDI (car service app)

Chinese Name:滴滴出行

DIDI just like the Chinese version of Uber. If you’re stuck somewhere with no taxis around, then use DiDi is a good way to go. The app has an English version, it can automatically translate English text into Chinese and vice versa, so you don’t have to worry about how to communicate with the driver.

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4.Meituan (Food delivery platform)

Chinese Name:美团

Meituan is a China’s leading online food delivery platform. It is very convenient to order food online if you are too tired to cook at home or go out for a meal. The good way is they will offer customers incredible discounts and coupons constantly, so you can save a lot of money.

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5.Taobao(online shopping)

Chinese Name:淘宝

Taobao is a shopping app with thousands of online stores. You can buy almost everything you need in daily life through it. If you love online shopping, then you should download it.

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6.BAIDU Translate

Chinese Name: 百度翻译

Chinese is rated by UNESCO as "the world's most difficult language", so it may the biggest challenge when you travel in China. Although the Chinese people are getting better and better at English now, you cannot expect that people will speak English well. So, a translate app is needed. Baidu Translate is a good choice for you.

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7.Baidu Map

Chinese Name: 百度地图

Compared with Google Map, Baidu Map is widely used in China, since it is more accurate, up-to-date and reliable for traveling the whole country. Just enter your destination, The apps will show you how many ways to get there or show the routes to get you where you need to be.

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Chinese Name: 哈罗单车

Now Bikesharing is prevailing in China, so you can see bikes scattered across the city. Cycling is a great way to explore the city, you can easily use this bike-sharing application to achieve it. It is freely to register, only requires a picture of our passport to verify your identity.After that, you can scan the QR code which shown on the bike, unlock it and take it for a ride, please remember to lock it wherever you’re done with it. The fare is not very expensive, only 1 yuan for every 15 minutes of usage.

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Common Phrases

1.QR code

Chinese Name: 二维码

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2.Wechat ID

Chinese Name: 微信号

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3.WIFI password

Chinese Name: WIFI密码

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Common Expressions

1.What’s the WIFI ’s password?

In Chinese: WIFI的密码是多少?

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2.Would you please tell me your WeChat ID?

In Chinese:能告诉我你的微信号吗?

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