If you have lived in China for several years, you may enjoy the way to travel or for business trip by taking high-speed trains. Indeed, it is really fast and convenient. Actually we do not recommend you to travel recently. But if you really need to take the train, please be aware the epidemic prevention and control policies at the place of departure and destination in advance, and it is better to have a back up plan. We hope you to strengthen personal protection during the journey and travel safely. Feel free to contact us if you need any help, we are here looking forward to serve you.


1.It is always uncomfortable to be interrupted while rest. So please try to keep quite during the journey. Please don't make loud noises in the car, and it is better to wear earphones when using your phone. You can ask crew members for help if you are being interrupted. Besides, "Quite Car" service has been launched for some trains in China. If you like quiet or want to have a rest on the journey when you are tired, you can choose this kind of carriage. This is a way to respect the passengers' right not to be disturbed, and to give passengers who wish to enjoy quiet an independent choice. Please feel free to consult us if you want to book this ticket.We will check the status and try our best to issue the ticket for you.

2.You have enough time to board the train before it departs. So no need to rush up while you waiting the line to board the train. You can check your seat No on our APP or via the confirmation email that we sent you. It is not right to occupy the other passenger’s seat. If you got the separated seat ticket with your companion(s), we recommend you to change your seats with other passengers by showing your tickets (with your seat number) and these translations as below: “您好,请问能否和您换一下座位呢?我想和我的同伴坐在一起,谢谢您!” (“Excuse me, may I change my seat with you? I want to sit with my companion(s), thank you!”)

3.Please keep calm if you miss the train. Please do not try to pass the check in gate to catch the train or try to push the train door to stop the train. It is very dangerous and it is illegal. You can refund or change the ticket to next available train on ticket refund window at the station. It is free. But you may need to pay the price difference if you want to upgrade your seat.


4.It is not allowed to smoke anywhere on high speed trains in China, even for the electronic cigarettes. Once passengers break the rule, causing seriously affects for the safety of railway operation, the passengers will be imposed a fine between CNY 500 - 2,000 by the police and be barred from taking trains for 180 days by the China Railway Cooperation.

5.Please be aware that some prohibited items is not allow to take on the train. Such as the knife, the alcohol or the sanitizer. We understand that you want to use the alcohol to protect yourself under this circumstance. But for safety concern, China Rail prohibits any passenger to take such sanitizers onto the train. We recommend you bring disinfecting wipes with you if you want to scrub your hands, tables, and chairs to get disinfected.

6.For the safety reason, please do not use the sunscreen sprays in a small confined space equipped with a smoke detector alarm system, such as at sinks or toilets, etc. Pressure tanks that over 120ml with inflammable constituent are NOT allowed to bring onto the train. Like Sunscreen spray, water spray, Perfume, Shaving foam etc.

7.Since the whole train compartment is in a confined space, therefore, keeping clean and fresh air in the cabin is very important for every passengers. Please do not take or eat some food with peculiar smell on board, such as durian, stinky Tofu, snail rice noodle and etc.


8.The epidemic of Covid-19 is still serious currently, please always wear mask while you are in public. You are not allowed to enter or board the train without wearing the mask based on the policy of China Rail. To protect yourself, please also do not take off it while on board.

What you Need to Prepare to travel by Train Now

1.Healthy code on your phone ( should be showed in Green Color)

There is a mini-program called Health Kit (Jiankang Bao), it is a tool that provides the COVID-19-related health status of foreign nationals during the period of COVID-19 prevention and control. The query result serves as a reference for assessing one’s fitness for resuming work and production and going to public places, etc.

You can type in “Health Kit” in the search bar of WeChat or Alipay, click to access the mini-program, and select the language (Chinese or English). As a first-time user, you need to enter your name and passport number, take a photo of the key information page of your passport and upload it, and then you can check your health status.

For the sake of verification, when you use the Health Kit, the information uploaded should be consistent with the photo page of the passport you used when entering China.

It enables you to learn about your health status. After entering name, passport number, taking and uploading the photo of the passport with key personal information, you can learn about your health status, which is shown by the color of red, yellow or green. The green code (no abnormal conditions) indicates that according to the current data and information on the COVID-19 prevention and control, you have no abnormal health conditions. This way you can travel by train for sure.


2.Negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days

Plan your trip and do a nucleic acid test in advance. Usually you can get the result within 2 hours, but it depends. You can follow the Official Accounts of hospital, so that you can check the report via your mobile phone. The paper report is also important, It is better to take it with you while travel.

If you travel to Tibet recently, you need the Negative nucleic acid test certificate within 2 days, but it is not enough. You must do it again when you get there. You can't tour until the report come out.

3.Some place need tourists show their COVID-19 vaccination certificate

If you get the COVID-19 vaccine in China, it is better to take the certificate with you. Also if you have registered on the mini-program before, the injection result will also be shown on it.

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