There are two pairs of normal speed trains operating between Beijing and Moscow: K3/4 and K19/20 (in Russia, they are 003/004 and 019/020). Most passengers like to take the train No.K3 to Moscow since they can enjoy different scenery from three countries. The distance between these places is around 8,000 kilometers and the journey takes 6 days. The price for whole trip is around 7000RMB. Even the ticket is so expensive but it is hard to get one sometimes since it is very popular.

Please note that Beijing–Moscow international train tickets only can be booked at designated ticket offices in Beijing. And only cash is accepted. We recommend you to book tickets with us China Train Booking APP. You can contact us and send us your itinerary directly, we will book the ticket and send to your hotel or personal address. Contact us via

Beijing to Moscow Train Schedule: K3 & K4

Train K3

Route: Beijing to Moscow ( Wednesday 11:22 - Monday13:58 )

Duration: 122 h 36 min (5 nights)

Train K4

Route: Moscow to Beijing (Tuesday23:45 - Monday11:40 )

Duration: 131 h 55 min(6 nights)

Distance:7,622 km

Ticket Fare to Major Stations

Beijing To Deluxe Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper
Ulaanbaatar CNY 2,071 CNY 1,330
Suha-Bator CNY 2,420 CNY 1,526
Ulan-Ude CNY 2,903 CNY 1,829
Irkutsk CNY 3,431 CNY 2,186
Krasnoyarsk CNY 4,132 CNY 2,611
Novosibirsk CNY 4,571 CNY 2,866
Tyumen CNY 5,196 CNY 3,252
Perm CNY 5,599 CNY 3,505
Moscow CNY 6,228 CNY 3,891

Child ticket:

Children under 4 years old accompanied by adults can travel free. You need to book a child ticket n if you want to get a berth for the child.

Children between 4 and 12 years old need to buy child tickets.

Children over 12 years old need to buy adult tickets at full fare.

beijing to moscow train

Beijing to Moscow Train

What you Need to Prepare to Book the Ticket & Board the Train?

1.Your Original Passport & Travel Permit.

2.To take train K3/K4, you need Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese visas.

Note: You need to buy separate tickets if you want to hop on and off along the way.

How to Apply For Visas

Documents you need for applying for visas

1.A passport valid for at least 6 months.

2.Itinerary of Chinese, Russian and Mongolian tours.

3.International train or flight confirmation letters.

4.Application forms.

5.Visa support letters.

Some information about Train K3

  • All the staff on board are Chinese.
  • The train need to change the wheels for a different railway line at Erlian station because the railway widths are different between China and Mongolia. Here you will have 3 hours so that you can get out of the train to relax. Immigration inspection is needed at this station. The immigration inspectors will get on board and take all the passengers' passports to stamp.
  • There is immigration inspection again at Dzamyn Ude Station for entering Mongolia, and at Suhe Bator Station,there is immigration inspection for leaving Mongolia.
  • At Naushki, there is immigration inspection for entering Russia.
  • Please note that only cash is accepted. It is wise of you to bring some cash with you. US dollars are acceptable on international trains. When you are in China, you can use the Chinese Yuan; when you are in Mongolia, you can use the Tugrik.
  • There is no air-conditioning on hard sleeper carriages, only a small fan equipped on each hard sleeper compartment. Therefore the price of hard sleeper ticket is cheaper than Deluxe Soft Sleeper.

The Facility on the Beijing – Moscow Trains

Type of berth

There are 2 types of berth on trains from Beijing to Moscow. One is hard sleeper class (4 berths in a compartment with a lockable door) and the other is deluxe soft sleeper class (2 berths in a compartment with a lockable door).


Both trains offer restaurant cars which are not expensive and of good quality. You can also buy food and drink from the vendors and kiosks on the train platforms when the train stops. Boiling water is provided at the end of each carriage, you can use for coffee or tea and to prepare food snacks you bring with you.

Toilet and shower

Each train wagon has at least two western-style toilets and small bathrooms with sinks. The train staff will keep the toilet clean during the whole journey. There is no shower on board currently, but it is to expect that showers in the trains will be provided in the future.


The trains are very safe. You will meet families travelling with kids and as well women travelling alone.The train staff is always present. You can ask for help whenever you needed.

Internet and electricity

WiFi is not available in the train. You have to use your mobile phone to access via a phone network provider. There are two power sockets in each hard sleeper carriage. And there is one power socket in each deluxe soft sleeper compartment. But you need to take a converter to be able to recharge your phone and camera.

Scenery along the Way


Scenery along the Way

Scenery along the way is very impressive. You can appreciate different scenery from three countries, such as grassland, the Gobi Desert, Lake Baikal, and views of the Russian countryside. The scenery changes from season to season. When it in summer from May to September is the most beautiful.

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