Haikou East Railway Station 

Haikou East Railway Station 

There are three stations in Haikou, Haikou and Meilan in Hainan East Ring High-speed railway. Haikou East Railway Station is set up along Nanhai Avenue via Chengxi Road to Fengxiang West Road viaduct, which forms a three-dimensional urban traffic network with ground roads. Haikou East Railway Station, located in Haikou city, Hainan Province, China, is a first-class passenger station under the jurisdiction of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., LTD.

  • Name in Chinese: 海口东站
  • Haikou East Railway Station Address: Dingcun 1st Cross Street, Longhua District, Haikou
  • Address in Chinese: 海口市龙华区丁村一横街
  • Station Size: 2 platforms, 4 lines                    
  • Nearby transportation: buses, taxis
  • E-ticket Service: yes
  • Station Telephone: 0898-12306

It is an important railway station of Hainan island railway. Haikou East Railway Station was built on July 30, 2009 and officially put into operation on December 30, 2010. Passengers can take high-speed trains to Sanya, Wenchang, Meilan, Danzhou quite conveniently from Haikou East Railway Station.

Popular Trains to Haikou East Railway Station


At the end of 2015, as a symbol of modern transportation infrastructure of Hainan International Tourism Island was completed, which is the first true "island high-speed railway" in China and even the world. The high-speed rail links 12 cities and counties in the eastern and western coastal areas of Hainan province, and seamlessly connects with Haikou Meilan Airport and Sanya Phoenix Airport. A three-hour economic circle has been formed around the island. According to the news, if you go around the island by high-speed train which only takes about three hours and 10 minutes.

  • Sanya to Haikou: Over 30 high-speed trains run from Sanya Railway Station to Haikou East Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs 103 yuan per second-class ticket.
  • Meilan to Haikou: More than 20 high-speed trains run from Meilan Railway Station to Haikou East Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 10 minutes and costs 7 yuan per second-class seat ticket.
  • Wenchang to Haikou: There are over 20 high-speed trains from Wenchang Railway Station to Haikou East Railway Station. The journey takes about half an hours and costs 23 yuan per hard seat ticket.

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Haikou East Railway Station Map

Haikou East Railway Station is in Longhua (龙华区) District. Check the below online map now.
Check the below online map now.


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Layout of Haikou East Railway Station

Haikou East Railway Station has three floors in total. In the middle of the first floor is the arrival and distribution hall, the ticket office on the left, the comprehensive service area on the right, and the equipment room and VIP hall at the back. The second floor is the general waiting hall and VIP waiting room; The third floor has four platforms.


Haikou Food


Haikou cuisine is a representative of Hainan cuisine. Its main feature is to maintain the original taste of food ingredients, mainly seafood, shellfish, mackerel, chicken, cattle and sheep are common ingredients, and fruits are often used as auxiliary ingredients in dishes, such as papaya, coconut, pineapple, mango, etc., and it attaches great importance to health preservation.
Hainan has four famous dishes namely Wenchang chicken Jiaji Duck Dongshan goat, and Hele Crab. The famous Hainanese chicken rice in Southeast Asia is actually a modified version of Wenchang chicken. Although Hainan food is relatively light, the yellow lantern pepper is as hot as the weather. if you like a heavy taste, you can try it.

Haikou Climate

Haikou city is located in the northern edge of the tropics, belonging to the monsoon tropical climate zone. The annual sunshine duration is long, and the radiation energy is large. The annual average sunshine duration is more than 2000 hours, and the solar radiation can reach 110-120,000 calories. The annual average temperature is 24.3℃, the highest average temperature is about 28℃, the lowest average temperature is about 18℃. The summer in Haikou is long and the winter is short, the seasonal characteristics are not obvious. There is no frost or snow all year round and abundant rainfall. Tropical storms and typhoons are active from April to October, especially from August to September. May to October is the rainy season, September is the peak rainfall month, the average rainfall is 300.7 millimetres.

Getting to Other Places in Haikou

Holiday Beach

Holiday beach is located in the west of Haikou City by binhai Dadao, as long as 6 kilometers, the left edge of the lush forest ephedra forest belt, which is strewn with resorts, hotels, amusement parks and so on; Right edge is a vast expanse of blue Qiongzhou Strait.

By Bus: Take bus no.35 at Haikou East Railway Station, and get off at Holiday Beach Bus Station.

The duration is about 1 hour and costs 2 yuan.

By Taxi: The duration is about 38 minutes and costs 50 yuan.

Haikou Qialou Old Street


Haikou Qialou Old Street is one of the most distinctive street landscapes in Haikou. On June 10, 2009, the first "Selection and Recommendation of Famous Chinese Historical and Cultural Streets" was announced in Beijing, and Haikou Qialou Old Street was listed. Haikou Qialou Old Street was awarded the title of one of the first ten "Famous Streets of Chinese History and Culture" for its uniqueness.

By Bus: Take bus no.38 at Haikou East Railway Station, and get off at Bell Tower Bus Station.

The duration is about 1 hour and costs 1 yuan.

By Taxi: The duration is about 24 minutes and costs 35 yuan.

Haikou Meilan Internation Airport

It is located in Lingshan Town, Meilan District, Haikou city. It is 15 kilometres from the city as the crow flies. Passengers can take high-speed train to Meilan Railway Station and get to the airport directly.

By Airport Shuttle Bus: Take airport shuttle bus at Haikou East Railway Station, and get off at Meilan Internation Airport.

The duration is about 1 hour and costs 26 yuan.

By Taxi: The duration is about 24 minutes and costs 40 yuan.

Booking Your Train Tickets to Haikou East Railway Station

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