Jiaxing Railway Station

Jiaxing Railway Station

On June 25, 2021, Jiaxing Railway Station was officially put into operation and recreated the style like the old railway station which is 100 years ago. Jiaxing Station, which was built in 1907 and put into use in 1909, has a history of 115 years. It was an important transportation hub on Shanghai-Hangzhou Line. Jiaxing Station is the first time in China to have a 1:1 restoration of the century-old station house. The retro station house is made of nearly 130,000 pieces of black and red bricks fired from the mud in the heart of South Lake.

  • Name in Chinese: 嘉兴站                                
  • Jiaxing Railway Station Address: Chengdong Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing
  • Address in Chinese: 嘉兴市南湖区城东路 
  • Station Size: 3 platforms, 6 lines                    
  • Nearby transportation: buses, taxis
  • E-ticket Service: yes
  • Station Telephone: 0573-12306

It is the first "fully sunken" railway station in China. The main traffic and commercial functions, such as the waiting hall and ticket office, are put underground. The reconstructed station house of Jianxing station is expanded to more than 3 times the original area, and the maximum number of people can reach 2500.  The new jiaxing railway station is particularly beautiful, which has greatly changed their impression of the traditional railway station which is noisy, hot and crowded. Here, they feel not only a place to travel, but also an artistic, modern and green living space. 

Jiaxing Railway Station Map

Jiaxing Railway Station is in Nanhu District (南湖区), which is the city center of Beijing City.
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Jiaxing Railway Station Map

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Popular Trains to Jiaxing Railway Station


the waiting room in Jiaxing Railway Station

  • Shanghai to Jiaxing: More than 10 high-speed trains run from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jiaixng Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 40 minutes and costs 23 yuan per second-class ticket.
  • Hangzhou to Jiaxing: About 20 normal-speed trains run from Hangzhou Railway Station to Jiaxing Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 1 hour and costs 16.5 yuan per hard seat ticket.
  • Nanjing to Jiaxing: There are 10 normal-speed trains from Nanjing Railway Station to Jiaxing Railway Station. The journey takes about 5.5 hours and costs 54.5 yuan per hard seat ticket.
  • Suzhou to Jiaxing: Over 10 normal-speed trains head to Jiaxing Railway Station from Suzhou Railway Station. The journey takes about 3 hours and costs 28.5 yuan for a hard seat ticket.

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The Layout of Jiaxing Railway Station

Below is the layout of Jiaxing Railway Station, click the map to see a larger map:


What to Eat in Jiaxing Railway Station



For Western food, you can find and KFC Restaurant in the station. For Chinese food, there are some local restaurants at the dining area. You can try Zongzi at Wufangzhai. Wufangzhai zongzi in Jiaxing is widely loved by tourists for its delicious taste, convenient to carry and easy to eat. It is also known as "Oriental fast food". 

Jiaxing has a cultural history of more than two thousand years. It has been a prosperous place since ancient times, known as "the land of fish and rice" and "the house of silk". Jiaxing food is rich and diverse, with a wide variety of categories, which not only integrates the characteristics of water towns in the south of the Yangtze River, but also embodies the delicate and diluted characteristics of southern cuisine, as well as highlights the cultural heritage of thousands of years. Therefore, Jiaxing cuisine can be described as a typical representative of food south of the Yangtze River. Some snacks are famous in China, such as Wufang zhai zongzi, Nanhu boat dishes, Nanhu water chestnut, etc.

Jiaxing Climate

Jiaxing, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Zhejiang Province, is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province. It faces the sea in the east, Qiantang River in the south and Taihu Lake in the north. It has a subtropical monsoon climate.

It is characterized by wet spring, hot summer, dry autumn and cold winter. Because of its location in the middle latitude, the humid, hot and rainy weather in summer is much shorter than the dry and cold weather in winter.  The annual average temperature is 15.9 degrees Celsius.  The average annual precipitation is 1168.6 mm.

Getting to Other Places from Jiaxing Railway Station

How to Get to Jiaxing South Railway Station

  • Total distance: 11 kilometers

>>> By bus

Take bus 95 at Jiaxing Railway Station, and get off at Jiaxing South Railway Station.
This journey takes about 55 minutes and costs 2 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 30 minutes and costs about 29 yuan. 

How to Get to South Lake


south lake

Total distance: 4 kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus 10 at Jiaxing Railway Station, and get off at South Lake.
This journey takes about 30 minutes and costs 2 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 10 minutes and costs about 15 yuan. 

How to Get to Xitang Ancient Town

  • Total distance: 30 kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus 152 at Jiaxing Railway Station, and get off at Cuinan Villiage.

This journey takes about 1 hour 40 minutes and costs 2 yuan.

>>>By taxi:The journey takes 44 minutes and costs about 45 yuan. 

How to Get to Jiaxing Coach Station

  • Total distance: 10 kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus 1 at Jiaxing Railway Station, and get off at Jiaxing Coach Station.
This journey takes about 57 minutes and costs 2 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 25 minutes and costs about 30 yuan.


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