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Kunming South Railway Station is located in Chenggong District, Yunnan province. It have been put into use on Dec.28,2016. The station serves high speed trains running along Beijing/Shanghai-Kunming High Speed Railway, Nanning-Kunming High Speed Railway, and etc. Almost all high speed trains are departs or arrive at this station. It is one of the large-scale comprehensive transportation hubs in western China. The terminal building looks like a peacock flaunting its tail, which is a representative animal and an iconic species of Yunnan.

  • Station name in Chinese:昆明南站
  • Station address:Xiangyuan Road, Chenggong District, Kunming City
  • Chinese address: 昆明市呈贡区祥园街
  • Nearby transportation: Subway, buses, taxis
  • E-ticket Service: Yes

Kunming South Railway Station Map


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Popular Trains From Kunming South Railway Station

  • Kunming South–Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: There are 4 high-speed trains available from Kunming South to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station daily, the earliest one is train G1378, which departs at 07:36AM and arrives at 19:20PM. The whole journey takes around 11.5 hours and costs 879 yuan per second class seat.

  • Kunming South–Beijing West Railway Station: There is only 1 high-speed trains between Kunming and Beijing. It take about 12.5 hours and cost 1147.5 yuan per second class seat.

  • Kunming South–Nanning Railway Station:There are 37 high-speed trains available daily from Kunming South station to Nanning station or Nanning East Station. The journey takes about 4hours and costs around 262.5-269.5 yuan per second-class seat ticket.

  • Kunming South - Lijiang Railway Station: Currently there are 7 trains from Kunming to Lijiang Daily. The journey takes about 4 hours and costs 230.5 yuan per second-class seat ticket.

  • Kunming South - Xishuangbanna Railway Station:The China-Lao train has been put into use on Dec.3. So there are many trains available daily between these two cities now. From 07:00AM to 19:00PM, there are 17 trains available. It take about 3.5 hours and cost 158-198 yuan per second class seat.

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The Layout of Kunming South Railway Station


Kunming South Railway Station has four floors:

B1: platforms for metro line 1 and line 4

F1:arrival hall, exit, taxi stands

F2:waiting rooms,platforms, ticket office

F3:waiting rooms, boarding gates, service desk, toilets, hot drinking water

Kunming Climate

Kunming has relatively small temperature differences throughout the year. The annual average temperature in the urban area is around 15℃, the monthly average temperature is around 19℃ during the hottest period, and during the coldest period is around 8℃. As the temperature and humidity are suitable, the sunshine is long, and the frost period is short, the flowers seldom fade all year round, and the grass and trees are always green throughout the year. So Kunming is also known as the "Spring City" or “ Flower city”in China.

Kunming South Transport

From To Transportation Time
Kunming South Railway Station Kunming Railway Station Subway line 1 47 min
Taxi 50 mins
Yunnan Provincial Museum Subway line 1-Bus K15 57 min
Taxi 30 min
Kunming Changshui International Airport Shuttle bus line Kunming South 53 hour
Taxi 40 min

Kunming Attractions

Stone Forest

stone forest

Stone Forest Scenic Area, located in Lunan County, 86 kilometers away from Kunming City. Known for its remarkable karst formations, the Stone Forest has magnificent, strange, and unique natural scenery, and it also known as 'First Wonder of the World'. With its touching legend of Ashima and unique minority culture, it is no doubt a must-visit for Kunming tourists.

Dian Lake


Another must-visit place in Kunming is Dian Lake, or Dianchi. Dian Lake is located at the foot of West Mountain in the south of Kunming. Its northern end is adjacent to Kunming Daguan Park, and its southern end is in Jinning County, 5km away from the urban area. It has been a resort for sightseeing and summer vacations in history. Dian Lake is shaped like a crescent moon, 39km long from north to south, 13.5km wide from east to west, with an average width of about 8km. The shoreline of the lake is about 200km long, ranking first in Yunnan Province. It is the sixth largest inland freshwater lake in China. Also it is a place that you can see and feed the seagulls that migrate there. Many tourists come here to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.

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