Suzhou Railway Station is an important transportation hub. It has lines connecting Beijing to Shanghai and Shanghai to Nanjing.

A platform at Hangzhou East Railway Station

Suzhou Railway Station

Passengers can easily travel to every part of the Yangtze River Delta via Suzhou Railway Station.
Furthermore, it is located near Suzhou North Coach Station, which offers a time-saving way for passengers to transfer to another destination by coach.

  • Name in Chinese: 苏州站, SūzhoūZhàn
  • Address: 27 Sūzhàn Road, Gūsū District (姑苏区苏站路27号)
  • Station Size: seven platforms and 16 railway lines

Layout of Suzhou Railway Station


There are five floors in total. They are: Basement 1 (B1), Basement 2 (B2), Basement 3 (B3), Floor 1 (F1), Floor 2 (F2), and Floor 3 (F3).
There are also two station squares in front of the main hall.

Here are the specific functions for each floor:
B1: arrival hall, subway line 4, enquiry desk, restaurants, toilets, and taxi stands
B2: subway station
B3: platforms for public transport
F1: ticket windows, Gusu desk (see the details below), and waiting area (equipped with 220 V charging sockets, platforms, left luggage office, ATM machines, water fountains, restaurants, specialty stores, and toilets)
F2: waiting area, nursery, restaurants, water fountains, specialty stores, and toilets

Gusu Desk (姑苏之窗)

Gusu Desk is a customer service desk that focuses on solving passengers’ problems and answering passengers’ questions. It is located in the center of the waiting hall.

If you have lost your belongings or feel uncomfortable about any aspect to do with the station, you can ask for help there.
If you don’t understand how to board your train, the staff at the desk will offer you detailed answers and suggestions.

How to Collect Tickets and Board Trains at Suzhou Railway Station

A waiting area at Suzhou Railway Station

A waiting area at Suzhou Railway Station

  1. Find the ticket collection window beside the entrance gate (signed “取票窗口”). Ticket collection windows are on F1 and on the left-hand side of North Square.
  2. After collecting your paper ticket(s), you need to pass through a security check before entering the main hall.
  3. Go to the waiting area on F1 or F2 to take a rest before boarding your train.

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Transportation Around Suzhou Railway Station

The map of Suzhou Railway Station

Suzhou Bus

There is a bus stop in front of North Square. Passengers can take the available buses to many destinations. A bus trip in Suzhou usually costs between 1 and 3 yuan.

Available buses: 1, 22, 38, 83, 119, 178, and 202; fast lines 2 (快线2路), 5, and 6; tourist bus 1 (游1路) and 4

Popular Bus Lines

Bus Number

Departure – Destination

Tourist bus 1 (游1路) Suzhou Railway Station – Lingering Garden (留园)
Fast line 6 (快线6路) Suzhou Railway Station – Southern Bus/Coach Station (汽车南站)
Bus 38 Suzhou Railway Station – Suzhou Amusement Land (苏州乐园)
Bus 178 Suzhou Railway Station – Linrui Square (邻瑞广场)
Bus 202 Suzhou Railway Station – Suzhou Museum (苏州博物馆)

Suzhou Subway

Available metro lines: 2 and 4

After getting off the subway train, you can choose to leave the station via four exits.
Each of the exits lead you to different sections of Suzhou Railway Station. Here are some details to help you reach specific parts of the station:

  • Leave from exit E1: refund counter 19, rebooking counters 17 and 18
  • Leave from exit E2: bus stop
  • Leave from exit E3: platforms 8 and 9
  • Leave from exit E4: ticket entrance gate B3

Suzhou Metro Line Network, click the map to see a larger map:

Suzhou subway map


Both North Square and South Square have taxi stands, and they are all located on B1.

If you have arrived at Suzhou Railway Station and want to travel to another destination by taxi, follow the signs to reach one of the taxi stands.
If you take a taxi to Suzhou Railway Station, you can ask the driver to drop you off at B1, where you can enter the station directly.

Price: 10 yuan is the starting price for a journey that’s within 3 kilometers. It costs 1.8 yuan per extra kilometer after that distance.
Please note that 2 yuan is needed for the fuel surcharge.

Popular High-Speed Trains to Other Cities

  • To Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: There are about 50 bullet trains from Suzhou Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. It takes about half an hour to get there and costs 39.5 yuan per second class seat.
  • To Beijing South Railway Station: There are only two trains to Beijing South Railway Station from Suzhou Railway Station. The journey takes 11 hours and costs 317 yuan per second class seat.
  • To Hangzhou East Railway Station: Fourteen high-speed trains operate on this route every day. The journey takes about 1½ hours and costs 111.5 yuan per second class seat.
  • To Nanjing Railway Station: There are over 50 high-speed trains to Nanjing Railway Station. It takes about 1½ hours to get there and costs 99.5 yuan per second class seat.
Other Popular Routes
Route Duration Price (Second Class)
Yiwu – Suzhou 2½ hours 161.5 yuan
Nanjing – Suzhou 1½ hours 99.5 yuan
Xiamen North – Suzhou 9 hours 414 yuan
Wuhan – Suzhou 6 hours 267 yuan

Getting to Other Places from Suzhou Railway Station

How to Go to Suzhou Yuanqu Railway Station (苏州园区站)

Total distance: 13 kilometers

Suzhou Yuanqu is a burgeoning new industrial and business district. It is convenient for travelers and businessmen to travel between these two stations.
Suzhou Yuanqu Railway Station is a modern railway station that operates as part of the Shanghai–Nanjing intercity high-speed railway every day.

  • By Bus
    Take bus 119, 161, or 166.
    1.Take the available bus from the bus stop located in front of the railway station.
    2.Get off at the bus stop called “Huning Intercity High-Speed Railway Square” (沪宁城铁园区站广场).
    Price: 1–2 yuan
  • By Taxi
    It takes half an hour and costs about 25 yuan.

How to Go to the Classical Gardens of Suzhou (Including the Humble Administrator's Garden)

Total distance: 4 kilometers

The Humble Administrator's Garden

The Humble Administrator's Garden

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou contain various small gardens, such as the Humble Administrator’s Garden (拙政园), Lion Grove Garden (狮子林), and Lingering Garden (留园).
The Humble Administrator's Garden is the most famous of these gardens.
Pavilions, stones, trees, and ponds blend perfectly with their surroundings. Many scholars in ancient times indulged in the beautiful scenery and wrote numerous poems there.

Since the Humble Administrator's Garden is not very far from Suzhou Railway Station, taking the subway is recommended.

  • By Subway
    Route: Suzhou Railway Station → North Temple Pagoda
    1. Take a subway train from Line 4 at the subway station.
    2. Get off at North Temple Pagoda (北寺塔站).
    3. Leave from North–East Exit 4.

How to Go to Zhouzhuang Ancient Town (周庄古镇)

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is one of the most famous ancient towns to the south of the Yangtze River.

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town

More than half of the architectural structures were built during the Ming and Qing dynasties, so you can appreciate China’s ancient architectures and experience the authentic folk lifestyle there.

Zhouzhuang Ancient Town is in Kunshan City, which is 55 kilometers away from Suzhou Railway Station. Taking a coach there is convenient.

Coach departure timetable: 07:40, 08:30, 09:15, 10:35, 11:25, 12:10, 13:00, 14:20, 15:15, 16:10, 18:20

Reach the coach station

  1. Go eastward from Suzhou Railway Station to Xihui Road (西汇路) for about 400 meters.
  2. Turn left at the traffic lights into Xihui Bypass (西汇支路) and keep going for about 200 meters to reach Suzhou Coach Station.
  3. Buy a coach ticket to Zhouzhuang in Kunshan (昆山周庄).

The ticket fare from Suzhou to Zhouzhuang is 16 yuan, and it takes about 1 hour to get there.

  • “您好, 请问如何去苏州汽车站。”
    “Hello, could you please tell me how to get to Suzhou Coach Station?”
  • To the coach station staff: “您好, 我要买一张去昆山周庄的车票。”
    “Hello, I want to buy a bus ticket to Zhouzhuang in Kunshan.”
  • To the ticketing staff in Zhouzhuang Town: “您好,我要买一张周庄古镇的景区门票。”
    “Hello, I’d like to buy an entrance ticket to Zhouzhuang Ancient Town.”

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