Yabuli South Railway Station 

Yabuli South Railway Station

Yabuli South Railway Station, located in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. It is a Railway passenger Station under the jurisdiction of China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., LTD. It is the starting and finishing Station of Weiya Railway and the first ski resort Railway Station in China. Only about 1 kilometer away from Yabuli Ski resort.

  • Name in Chinese: 亚布力南站
  • Yabuli South Railway Station Address: Yabuli Town, Zhishang, Harbin City
  • Address in Chinese: 哈尔滨市尚志市亚布力镇
  • Station Size: 2 platforms, 7 lines                    
  • Nearby transportation: buses, taxis
  • E-ticket Service: yes
  • Station Telephone: 0451-12306

Yabuli South Railway Station, which was built in 2007 to welcome the 24th Winter Games in Harbin. It is located in Yabuli Scenic Area. The construction area of the station is 2186 square meters, covering an area of 15,800 square meters, and the waiting hall is 940 square meters, which can accommodate more than 1,000 passengers. The whole is built in European Gothic style.

Yabuli South Railway Station Map

It is located in Yabuli Scenic Area. Only about 1 kilometer away from Yabuli Ski resort.
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Layout of Yabuli South Railway Station


Yabuli Food


You can taste the most authentic Northeast Chinese food in Yabuli.
There are many famous dishes in northeast China, such as Stewed Vermicillade with Pork, Big Stick Bone, Dried Bean Curd with Chili Pepper, Pot Wrapped Pork, Mutton Soup and so on. This is the reason why Northeast cuisine has so many loyal fans. In particular, the essential characteristics of delicious, suitable, simple, honest and natural are the cultural charm and vitality of northeast cuisine.Please note that the most striking feature of Northeast Cuisine is its large quantity. There are two reasons: first, northeast China is a cold area, not as warm as the south, the amount of fry will fry the dish dry; Second, because of the cold weather, the body must be cold, in addition to clothing and fire, there is the intake of food calories, resulting in the northeast people eat a large amount of food.

Yabuli Terrain and Climate

Yabuli town is located in the western foothills of Zhangguangcai Mountain, the terrain at north and south are high, low in the middle. The terrain is mainly formed by Mafengyan River Valley, with an altitude of 285 -- 1374.8 meters. There are 11 large and small peaks, the highest point in the territory is located in the Daguokui Mountain, 1374.8 meters above sea level.

Yabuli has a continental monsoon climate in the middle temperate zone, with long winters and short summers. The annual average precipitation of 569.1 mm is mainly concentrated in June to September. It has high latitude and low temperature. There are four distinct seasons. Winter is long and cold, while summer is short and cool. Spring and autumn are transitional seasons with rapid changes in temperature. The concentrated snowfall period is from November to January every year. With four distinct seasons, the average temperature in January in winter is about -19 degrees below zero. The average temperature in July in summer is about 23 degrees.


Ski Resorts in Yabuli


Yabuli Ski Resorts usually opens in mid-November and lasts four and a half months until the end of March. These four and a half months are the peak of yabuli skiing, and prices will rise in all aspects.

Best time to ski: Yabuli's winter temperatures range from -7 to -20 degrees in December. In January, minus 18 degrees to minus 30 degrees, from February on the sun is getting closer and closer, the temperature is gradually rising, March is relatively warm. So December to mid-February is the best time to ski, and the warmth in March makes it less suitable for skiing.

Yabuli Ski Resort

Yabuli Ski Resort is a national AAAA scenic spot, located 20 kilometers southeast of Yabuli Town, Shangzhi City, Harbin City. 193 kilometers away from Harbin city, 88 kilometers away from the snow Town. It’s the nearest ski resort from Yabuli South Railway Station. Yabuli ski Resort is far superior to other ski resorts in China in terms of the number, length, drop and other ski facilities and comprehensive service level. It is undoubtedly the best ski resort in China. It is the best place to develop competitive skiing and tourist skiing. In 1996, all snow events of the third Asian Winter Games were successfully held here. It is also the permanent venue of the Annual meeting of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum, known as the "Davos of China".

Yabuli New Sports Commission Ski Resort


Yabuli New Sports Commission ski resort is currently China's largest planning, the most advanced facilities and the most perfect service, and tourism skiing and competitive skiing integrated ski resort. With perfect facilities, the ski resort successfully held the 24th World University Winter Games and snow events in February 2009. The ski resort of Yabuli New Sports Committee has a number of primary, intermediate and advanced pistes with automatic and semi-automatic mixed snow making system covering 12,460 meters in length and 431,080 square meters in area.

Yabuli Sun Mountain

Yabuli Sun Mountain is a national 4A level scenic spot, a national forest park and one of the best ski resorts in China. Sun Mountain has the longest mountain slide in Asia at 2.68 kilometers. The 17 different classes of slopes have a total length of 31,075 meters and can accommodate 5,700 skiers at a time.

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