You don’t need an interpreter to break the language barrier, here we have 15
most-useful sentences written in Chinese and big font that might make your train
travel even smoother.

Go to the train station

1. 请问去___火车站的公车/地铁在哪里乘坐?
Where can I take the bus/subway to ___railway station?

2. 请带我去___火车站,谢谢! (For taxi)
Please take me to ___ railway station, thanks!

At the train station

1. 请问去哪里买票?
Where is the ticket office, please?

2. 请问去哪里退票?
Where can I return my train tickets, please?

3. 请问候车大厅/卫生间在哪里?
Where is the waiting hall/bathroom, please?

4. 我要买___张去___的火车票。
I would like to buy ___ tickets to ___, please.

5. 火车票多少钱?
How much is the train ticket?

6. 我要买___张儿童票。
I would like to buy ___ tickets for children, please.

On the train

1. 请问我的座位在哪里?
Where is my seat, please? (While showing your tickets)

2. 请问餐车在哪里?
Where is the dining car, please?

3. 请问去哪里补票? (For those who lost their tickets after boarding)
Where can I pay the excess train fare, please?

4. 请在到站前 10 分钟提醒我准备下车,谢谢!
Please remind me 10 minutes before arrive my destination, thanks!

5. 对不起,我和我的同伴座位不在一起,请问你是否愿意和我们换一下座位?
Excuse me, my friends and I are in separated seats, would you mind changing seats with us?

After the journey

1. 请问出站口/出租车站在哪里?
Where is the exit/taxi stand, please?

2. 请问去哪里办理退款? (For those who find their lost tickets but already paid an excess fare.)
Where can I get a refund for my tickets, please?

3. 请问公车站/地铁站怎么走?
Where is the bus station/subway station, please?

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