Paper train ticket is the only valid evidence for getting on the train in China. If you lost it, you are required to buy a duplicated one with the following procedure. But it might be a little bit complicated for non-Chinese speakers. Don’t worry! Sample Chinese sentences are also provided below.

How to re-buy lost ticket before train departs

1. Find ticket office at the train station

To apply for replacement of lost ticket, you should go to the ticket office (signed “售票窗口” in Chinese) in departure station at least 30 minutes before your train depart. If you can’t find the ticket counter, show the sentence below to a rail staff:

Could you please tell me where can I buy a duplication of my lost ticket?


2. Buy duplicated ticket

While asking the staff for a new ticket, you should show your passport, your pick-up number, departure date and station first. As long as your information is confirmed, you will need to pay for the duplicated ticket in the same seat class and number. But no worries, you will get refund after disembarking. Just pick up your ticket along with a voucher as a proof for refund.

Purchasing duplicated ticket at your departure station will not cost any service fee. However, if you buy ticket at other train stations in other places, you will be charged a small fee of 5 RMB.
Sentences below may help you get duplication more easily:

① I have lost my train ticket.


② These are my passport and pick-up ticket number.


③ I will board on (train No.) train at (departure station) at (time) on (date).

我的车次是(train No.), 是(month)月(day)日(time)在(departure station)发车的。

④ Can I get a duplication of my lost ticket?


3. Board a train

After you board on train, show your ticket first to a rail staff. He/she will lead you to the train conductor after confirm your seat is available for your duplicated ticket, which means no one else has a ticket with the same seat number. The train conductor is able to sign on your voucher or give you a travel proof which is used for refund.
Get language help here:

1. This is my duplicated ticket.


2. Could you please sign on this voucher for me to get refund?


4. Get refund

After disembarking, find out a ticket window signed “退票窗口” (for getting refund for a ticket). By presenting your voucher along with your passport and new ticket, you can get your payment back for the ticket but not fully refund. Service fee will be charged according to the regulations of China Rail. Show the Chinese sentence if necessary:

Could you please refund for my duplicated ticket?

It is a very bad idea to ride the train without lost ticket registration

If you lose your ticket on the train, you must tell a rail staff and pay your seat in order to exit the station. It is a very bad idea not to pay your lost ticket for you might lose your seat while ticket checking during the train trip. With a receipt of buying ticket and a proof that you took that train, you can avoid paying a fine when you leave the arrival station. After you exit the station, find the refund window (“退票窗口”) to have your payment back.
Chinese sentences you may need:

I lost my ticket. Can I have a voucher for exit the station?

Good luck of finding lost ticket on the train

If you find your lost ticket after you re-paid it, you can get a refund at the arrival station by providing your lost ticket, passport, receipt from the rail staff, and the travel proof within 24 hours. A small fee of RMB 5 will be charged.

Show the sentence below for assistance:

I found my ticket. Can I get a refund of the duplication ticket?

Important tips

  1. You can apply for a duplicated ticket anytime once you make sure you have lost your original one before departure. But, it is not allowed to buy 20 minutes before ticket checking.
  2. Once you have issued the duplicated ticket, it is not allowed to change the date or time of your train. But you are able to cancel it with a cost of service fee.
  3. Refund is only acceptable within 24 hours after disembarking. Please apply for payment back right after you get off the train.
  4. Torn ticket is not allowed for boarding neither. You will be required to buy a lacement while having ticket checked. Well keep your train ticket after receive it.
  5. If you have any question about lost ticket, or meet any unexpected trouble while buying duplicated ticket, contact China Train Booking app immediately. It provides 24/7 customer support and helps better communicate with the rail staffs. Useful instructions for booking train ticket or boarding on train in China are also readable on it.