The 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games is the 24th Winter Olympic Games. It is held jointly in Beijing, China and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, with Beijing hosting all the ice events and Yanqing and Zhangjiakou hosting all the snow events. It was the first time that China hosted the Winter Olympic Games, making Beijing the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The emblem of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is "Winter Dream". The competition consists of 7 events, 15 branch events and 109 small events.

According to the current plan, the Beijing Winter Olympics will have 19 competition days and 228 competition units, starting on February 2, opening ceremony on February 4 and closing on February 20, 2022. Curling will be the first event to kick off, with the first mixed doubles round-robin match taking place two days before the opening ceremony. The women's 30km mass start cross-country skiing final was the last event to be completed and was held on the afternoon of the closing ceremony. A total of 11 competition teams were set up in 15 categories. The Beijing series of winter sports events, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games will use the same domestic technical officials to the maximum extent possible.

The Maps of Beijing and Zhangjiakou

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The Events of 2022 Winter Olympic Games


Ice Events: Short Track Speed Skating, Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Skeleton, Ice Hockey, Curling

Snow Events: Freestyle Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-country Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Luge, Bobsled, Skeleton, Snowboarding, Alpine Skiing

On July 18, 2018, the International Olympic Committee announced that seven new events will be added to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which will produce a total of 109 gold medals. At the same time, the proportion of female athletes has further increased, and the proportion of male and female athletes has become more balanced. The seven new events are Women's Single Bobsled, Short Track Speed Skating Mixed Team Relay, Ski Jumping Mixed Team, Freestyle Skiing Big Jump, Freestyle Skiing Aerials Mixed Team and Snowboard Slalom Mixed Team.

The Competition Gymnasiums and Stadiums

Both Beijing division and Zhangjiakou division have five competition venues. Yanqing division with the national center for alpine skiing center, national snowmobiles sled two competition venues, moreover also includes Beijing Olympic village the Olympic village, Beijing division awards square, Yanqing, mountain news center these non-competition venues, 12 competition venues, 13 non-competition venues.

In addition to the competition venues, both the opening and closing ceremonies will be held in the Bird's Nest. A temporary 10,000-seat Beijing Awards Plaza will be set up between the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest in the Olympic Park. Located in the south of the Olympic Sports Center, the new Beijing Olympic Village is an established residential project in Beijing. It covers an area of 20 hectares and adopts the design concept of classical Chinese gardens. It can accommodate 2,260 athletes and team officials.

The Cultures of 2022 Winter Olympic Games

The Emblem


The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics logo is called "Winter Dream" The emblem of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is inspired by the Chinese character“Dong (冬)”, using the artistic form of Chinese calligraphy. It integrates the profound Oriental culture with the international modern style, presents the new image and dream of China in the new era, and conveys the goal of "300 million people participating in ice and snow sports" in order to successfully host the Beijing Winter Olympics and realize the dream of the Winter Olympics.

The upper part of the emblem graphic shows the shape of the skater, the lower part of the performance of the skiers heroic posture. The middle line represents the undulating mountains of the host site, the competition venue, snow and ice slides and the ribbon of the festival dancing which adding a festive visual feeling for the emblem. Besides, it also symbolizing that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held during the Chinese Spring Festival. The blue emblem symbolizes dreams and the future, as well as the bright purity of ice and snow. The red and yellow colors come from the Chinese national flag and represent the passion, youth and vitality of sports.

The Mascot

The mascots of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic And Paralympic Games are unveiled at the Ice Hockey Arena of the National Winter Sports Training Center in Shougang Industrial Park in Shijingshan District, Beijing, Capital of China, Sept. 17, 2019. The mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics is named "Bing Dwen Dwen". Panda is the world recognized as China's national treasure, friendly, lovely, naive, loved by people around the world, especially young people.

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The Torch

The "flying" torch of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is very dynamic and energetic. The color is silver and red, symbolizing the meeting of fire and ice. The flame is flying with passion, lighting up snow and ice and warming the world. The overall appearance of the torch echoes the shape of the main torch tower of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, with auspicious cloud pattern "on the bottom", and the transition from bottom to bottom to paper-cut style snowflake pattern, rotating and rising, like ribbon dancing. When the torch is handed over, the tips can be locked together.

Will There Have Spectators at The 2022 Winter Olympics?


With half a year to go before the 2022 Beijing Olympics scheduled for February next year, China is also trying to prevent the spread of the virus and open its doors to spectators, and plans to learn from the quarantine measures of the Tokyo Olympics in its preparations.

Organizers of the 2022 Winter Olympics have yet to say whether they will admit local or even foreign audiences, and tickets for the event are not yet on sale. The best case scenario is that the coronavirus is contained and there are spectators who can come and cheer for the Olympic athletes. However, the relevant responsible person said in an interview yesterday that he would not rule out the absence of spectators for next year's Winter Olympics.

We also want the international community to come to China, and we want to have the opportunity for people to enjoy Chinese hospitality. We need to have a very successful Olympics in Beijing next year!

Welcome to 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Welcome friends from all over the world to witness the 2022 Beijing-Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games. Let's look forward to the feast of sports. If you want to book Beijing - Zhangjiakou Train Tickets, you are always welcome to use our China Train Booking app.

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