2022 Beijing Winter Olympics-themed Tours Routes Have Been Launched

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is just around the corner. After that Beijing will become the world's first "Double Olympic City". Recently Shijingshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau launched a Winter Olympics theme tour route in order to attracts citizens and tourists to experience the winter Olympics in advance.

winter olympic park

Beijing Winter Olympic Park

Beijing Winter Olympic Park is located in the west of Shijingshan District, along the Yongding River, close to the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the Shougang Ski Big Air. The park is divided into three Areas: The north is a wet suburb and the middle is an industrial site landscape area and the southern part is the urban forest area.

The park will be equipped with 15 sculptures and artworks which publicly solicited from the world for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. It is so large and it was formed of a variety of characteristic landscape types., such as the ice and snow forests, Bridge parks, and the charming of the water town. The "Ice and Snow Forest" have been simulated the mountain skiing environment and the constructor also used the electronic screen to create the 3D shot of winter Olympics.The total area of Beijing Winter Olympics Park is 1,142 hectares, with 326 hectares of water and 506 hectares of green space.

The 42km Riverside Marathon Camp


The 42-kilometer riverfront marathon is the highlights of the Beijing Winter Olympics Park. Also it is the first fully closed marathon route in Beijing city. The starting point of the route is located in Beijing road, and the Shougang bridge, Yongding river forest park and lotus park are along the way. It is a good place that people can enjoy the scenery while running for exercise.

Winter Olympics Sculpture works

snow child

As a park with the theme of "Winter Olympics", Beijing Winter Olympics Park embodies the strong winter Olympics and sports characteristics everywhere in its design. A total of 15 public art works for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games will be displayed in the park, making the Park an art corridor for disseminating the Culture of the Olympics Games. Chinese sculptor Liu Yang's "Snow Child" has become the first sculpture to be installed in the Winter Olympics Park.

The Map of Beijing Winter Olympic Park


The Beijing Winter Olympic Park has opened to public since Oct.1. In order to ensure the safety and health of tourists, tourists need to make an appointment with their real names through the Wechat mini program of "Scenic Spot Smart Tour Park"(景区智慧游园), after that they can enter the park for free. Moreover, they can park in the designated parking lot for free by virtue of the "Booking QR code" on the same day

Shougang Park

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has settled in Shougang park. A number of Olympic facilities and cultural landscape, such as the Winter Olympics Exhibition Center, Shougang Ski Big Air, national winter Training base have been completed and opened. Now Shougang Park has become a new carrier to preserve the city's memory and awaken its vitality. The "New Shougang Bridge" just like a bird which spreads its wings and takes off. The Shougang Ski Big Air blends with the century-old industrial heritage of Shougang, representing the legend and symphony of "ice and fire". The collision between the glory of the past and the vigor of the future records the track of Beijing's urban development, satisfies the young people's sense of belonging to the city and their pursuit of a better life, and becomes a new landmark of the city.


The New Shougang Bridge

The new Shougang Bridge is located at the western extension of Chang 'an Avenue, crossing the Yongding River system and connecting Shijingshan District and Mentougou District The bridge is 1,354 meters long, of which the main bridge is 639 meters long and 54.9 meters wide. It is the widest steel bridge in China. It was opened at the end of September,2021. The bridge has 8 lanes in both directions, with non-motorized vehicle lanes and sidewalks, and barrier-free pedestrian stairs will be added on both sides of the main bridge. On the bridge, citizens can look at the beautiful scenery of Yongding Helian Stone Lake from the viewing platform. The space under the bridge includes gardens, squares, toilets, maternity rooms and other service facilities.

shougang bridge

Shougang Ski Big Air

Shougang Ski Big Air is the world's first permanently retained and used ski big jump venue, as well as the only ski event venue located in the downtown area of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The total length of the platform structure is about 164 meters, the widest is about 34 meters, and the highest point is 60 meters.

The design of shougang ski jump based on the images of "flying apsaras" from Dunhuang fresco, one of China's most famous world cultural heritage sites. The meaning of "flying sky" and the English word "Big Air" of ski Big jump both have the meaning of jumping into the Air and flying. The shape of the building is very beautiful and smooth. .The design of the gradient color of the platform is inspired by the winter Olympics emblem, with 24 colors ranging from blue to yellow.

sky air

Four gold medals will be awarded during the Winter Olympics, including two golds for each woman and man in snowboarding and two golds for each man and woman in freestyle skiing. As the only snowboarding venue for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games,it will start snow-making in mid to late December.

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