As we all know that the Olympic badge or souvenirs is an indispensable part of the Olympic Games, which vividly spreads the Olympic culture.

The souvenir of the 2022 Beijing Olympics is hit in China now, the mascot pin has received notable praise for its exquisite design which reached a "record" aesthetic level. Collecting them is so popular with many people, especially for the young generation. Some limited editions, such as a series of four inspired by ancient Chinese myths, quickly sold out.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics badge was first got noticed in Tokyo Olympic game. A Chinese girl named Tangxijing, she is a gymnastics athlete, was shown a beautiful badge in front of the camera after she completed her game. She said “I hope you can come to the Beijing Winter Olympics and witness the great event together.”

Unlike some controversial style designs for other sport games or galas in China, the coming Winter Olympics pins combine traditional Chinese culture and modern aesthetics. They are so amazing and here I would like to share some beauty of them with you.


It is the series of the Four Great Inventions of Ancient China, which including Gunpowder, word printing, paper making and compass.


Above is the series of four treasures of ancient Chinese study. We called it ‘Wen Fang Si Bao’. You can see the Chinese calligraphy brush, ink, paper, and the last one, ink stone.


Above are some of the countdown series. People think the style of the countdown souvenir pin collection is unique and romantic. As for the 200-day countdown pin, the pattern features sakura on the front and a snowflake on the reverse side, demonstrating how the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will follow the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. If collectors get all pins in the countdown series, they can piece them together in a shape of a big “0”, indicating the countdown is over and kicking off the winter games. It is absolutely inspired enthusiasts to collect.


Moreover, the series of ancient myth pins has embedded Chinese fairy tales into the design, vividly showing the images of Nuwa patching the sky, Change flying to the sky and Kuofu chasing the sun. Only 2,022 of each myth were produced, each of them is cost CYN68, and now most of them have been sold out.


These two are from the series of Chinese traditional sport games. For instance the ancient Chinese ball game, cuju. Ice play, an old sport in North China, is also displayed on a single pin. The vintage style of the pattern harkens back to ancient paintings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.


There are also the series of Chinese tradition food and Zodiac, all of them are vividly shows the rich traditional culture of China. As the host of the 2022 Games, Beijing has told its own stories to the world through these colorful pins, designed to welcome to athletes and audiences around the world.

PS: Winter Olympics souvenirs can be purchased at Wangfujing Gongmei store, Beijing Department Store and many other licensed retail stores in Beijing, or you can download a shopping app called Taobao and purchased it at Winter Olympics Licensed merchandise online store. What more, you are welcome to contact us to know more details. Our wechat No:17677389488.

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