Have you ever seen a train with its own karaoke, dance area,shower system and themed cultural restaurant? Have you ever taken a train with its own bar and deluxe cabins? Now, you can experience it!
At 9 am on March 24, 2021, China's first "Panda" themed tourist train (hereinafter called "Panda Special Train") left Chengdu North Railway Station and headed for Emei Railway Station along the Chengdu-Kunming Railway to start its journey.

What Does It Look Like?

The body of the "Panda Special Train" adopts the overall painting, and the interior and exterior decoration of the whole train is designed in accordance with the theme elements of "Panda". The train has a total of 12 carriages, including 10 theme carriages composed of 1 super soft sleeper, 2 high-class soft sleeper, 5 high-class hard sleeper, 1 dining car, 1 multi-purpose entertainment carriage, 1 camping carriage and 1 electric carriage, with a seating capacity of 252 seats. In terms of hardware equipment, "Panda Special Train" is equipped with such humanized service facilities as safe and intelligent electronic locks, intelligent service system, long viewing table, song ordering, audio-visual entertainment, USB charging device and constant temperature shower system compared with ordinary tourist trains.


The train is positioned as an advanced tourist train. It is not only equipped with high-quality household items, independent toilet, constant temperature shower system, intelligent electronic locks, wireless network, long viewing table, intelligent service system, etc., but also equipped with KTV, mahjong machine, bar and other facilities in the multi-functional entertainment carriage. It is called as a "mobile star hotel".


How about The Cost?

Marketers said that it’s for 3 days and 2 nights provinces tourism, travel to Chengdu – Zunyi - Maotai - Bijie - Chengdu, the first day from Chengdu to Zunyi road to take "panda train”, follow-up for car or high-speed rail transportation, on the way will visit the site of Zunyi, Maotai 1915 Square, Chishui Monument, etc.
The lowest price of this product is 1280 yuan/person, and 4 passengers in 1 room. The price of the high-class VIP room and the luxury room is 1480 yuan and 2180 yuan respectively.


According to the sales staff, the above fees include transportation, accommodation, ticket for the first route, tour guide fee, two breakfasts and three meals, but not the shuttle bus or earphones. In addition, services such as KTV, mahjong machines, bars and catering on the train also require additional fees, which are subject to the public notice on the train.


How to Book Your “Panda Special Train” Ticket(s)

1. Open 12306 app and select Railway Tourism.


2. Find the product indicated by the arrow.


3. Pick your date and buy directly.


Booking Your Panda Train Tickets Via China Train Booking

You are welcome to ask us for details about the panda train. We will make the process of booking a train ticket quite easy for you. Payment is also safe and convenient via credit card, WeChat, and Alipay. 

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