From Shanghai to Suzhou, there are more than 175 pairs of high speed trains running from early morning till late night. The earliest train departs at 05:48 a.m . And the latest train starts at 10:25 p.m. Both of them are departs at at Shanghai Station.

The distance varies between 81 km and 94 km, and only 30mins then you can get to Suzhou from Shanghai by high speed rail. The price for a second class seat varies between CNY 34.5 and CNY 39.5 due to different running routes.

High-Speed Train Timetable for Shanghai to Suzhou

There are 2 stations are used in both cities to operated the high speed trains. In Shanghai, Shanghai Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, while in Suzhou, Suzhou Station and Suzhou North Railway Station. Which train station you use to go Suzhou will largely depends on where you are staying in Shanghai. Choose the one close to your staying places based on the schedule is highly recommend.

Please check out the part of timetable below.

Shanghai to Suzhou train schedule
Train No. Time Duration
G7080 07:34-08:04 0 h 30 min
G7006 09:00-09:25 0 h 25 min
G7010 11:00-11:25 0 h 25 min
G7016 14:00-14:25 0 h 25 min
G7222 16:52-17:30 0 h 38 min
G7028 20:15-20:48 0 h 33 min
Suzhou to Shanghai train schedule
Train No. Time Duration
G7213 06:40-07:19 0 h 39 min
G7205 09:24-10:03 0 h 39 min
G7075 12:37-13:21 0 h 44 min
G7079 14:47-15:20 0 h 33 min
G7021 18:15-18:41 0 h 26 min
G7027 21:20-21:49 0 h 29 min

The above schedule is for reference only. Also for the train departs at Shanghai and Suzhou only( Not including Shanghai Hongqiao& Suzhou North station). To get the full and real-time schedule, please download China Train Booking app.

Train Ticket Price for Shanghai to Suzhou

Ticket price of Shanghai - Suzhou costs from CNY 34.5 to CNY 121.5. We highly recommend the Business class seat for passengers who expect to take good rest on trains.

G Train D Train
Business Class Seat CNY 119.5 - 121.5 -
First Class Seat CNY 59.5 - 64.5 CNY 50 - 62

Second Class Seat

CNY 34.5 - 39.5 CNY 24.5 - 38

Maps of Shanghai Hongqiao / Shanghai Railway Station / Suzhou Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is a long distance from the main city districts of Shanghai. It is located in the transportation hub with an airport, subway, and coach station nearby, which makes it easy for you to go from other places in Shanghai, such as Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and the Bund.

  • Chinese name: 上海虹桥火车站
  • Address:Minhang District, Shanghai 上海市闵行区申贵路150
  • Transportation: Subway line 2 & 10 & 17; taxi; bus

Check the online map >>>

Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station is not that big or modernized. However, it is convenient to get to because it is located in Shanghai’s city center — Jing’an District.

  • Chinese name: 上海火车站
  • Address: Moling Road, Zhabei District 上海市闸北区秣陵路
  • Transportation: Bus, taxi, subway line 1,3 & 4

Check the online map >>>

Suzhou Railway Station

SuZhou Railway Station is an important transportation hub. Passengers can easily travel to every part of the Yangtze River Delta via Suzhou Railway Station.It is located near Suzhou North Coach Station, which offers a time-saving way for passengers to transfer to another destination by coach.

  • Chinese name: 苏州火车站
  • Address: 27 Sūzhàn Road, Gūsū District (姑苏区苏站路27号)
  • Transportation: Bus, taxi, subway line 2 & 4

What to Eat on The Train? 

Shanghai Hongqiao– Suzhou11:45-12:12 (G2662)

Food delivery service station: Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Nanjing Nan Railway Station

Available food: 

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: KFC , Mcdonalds, Yonghe King (Pork with Salted Vegetable,Rice with Kung Pao Chicken) Huadong Yinji Restaurant (Braised Pork Belly set, Stewed Beef noodles), Laoniangjiu Restaurant (Shredded pork with fish flavor,Braise in soy sauce fish)

Note: Please make an order one hour before departure time. (Time 10:45).

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