As 2 famous tourist cities in southern area of China. Guilin and Guiyang attract many travelers every year.

The high-speed railway line between the 2 cities was constructed in 2016, it makes the duration decreased to only around 2 hours.

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Sightseeings of Guilin

Sightseeings of Guilin

Here is a quick index about taking high-speed trains between Guilin and Guiyang. You can navigate quickly to your preferred section.

Guilin–Guiyang High-Speed Train Map

Guiyang and Guilin Map

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An Overview of the Guilin–Guiyang High-Speed Railway Line

  • Distance: about 537 kilometers
  • Duration: around 2½ hours
  • Stations: Guilin North Railway Station (Chinese: 桂林北站) / Guilin North Railway Station (Chinese: 桂林西站), Guiyang North Railway Station (Chinese: 贵阳北站) / Guiyang East Railway Station (Chinese: 贵阳东站)

Things to Know before Planning the Train Ride between Guilin and Guiyang

1. Guilin–Guiyang Train Types

  • High-speed D trains: There are 41 D/G-trains running from Guilin to Guiyang and from Guiyang to Guilin daily. The journey only takes about 2½hours and costs 153-161 yuan for a second-class seat ticket.
  • High-speed train from Guilin to Guiyang

    High-speed train from Guilin to Guiyang

2. Available Train Stations

  • Guilin: There are two railway stations head to Guiyang. One is Guilin North Railway Station and the other one is Guilin West Railway Station.
  • Guiyang: Passengers can choose to arrive at Guiyang North Railway Station or Guiyang East Railway Station. Please note that Guiyang East Railway Station is far away from the city center.

Guilin–Guiyang Train Schedules and Prices

Guilin to Guiyang High-Speed Train Schedules

Train No. Departure Arrival Timing Duration
D1838 Guilin North Guiyang East 08:28–10:46 2 h 18 min
D1810 Guilin West Guiyang East 15:30–14:38 2 h 32 min
G312 Guilin West Guiyang East 15:30–17:37 2 h 07 min
D1872 Guilin West Guiyang East 17:21–19:36 2 h 15 min
G320 (the fastest) Guilin West Guiyang East 18:11–20:12 2 h 01 min
D2842 Guilin West Guiyang East 21:03–23:23 2 h 20 min

Guiyang to Guilin High Speed Train Schedules

Train No. Departure Arrival Timing Duration
D3561 Guiyang North Guilin 07:18–10:01 2 h 43 min
G319 (the fastest) Guiyang East Guilin West 10:32–12:34 2 h 02 min
D1801 Guiyang East Guilin West 12:00–14:04 2 h 04 min
D1817 Guiyang North Guilin West 14:33–16:45 2 h 12 min
D2837 Guiyang North Guilin West 17:23–19:59 2 h 36 min
D1837 Guiyang East Guilin North 19:47–22:03 2 h 16 min

Guilin–Guiyang High-Speed Train Ticket Prices

Train Type 2nd Class Seat 1st Class Seat Business Class Seat
D/G-Train 153 / 159 CNY 245 / 248 CNY 465 / 477.5 CNY

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How to Get to the Train Stations

How to Get to Guilin North Railway Station

  • Location: 6 Zhanqian Road, Diecai District
  • Bus: 1, 32, 83, 100, 211, 301, 303

How to Get to Guilin West Railway Station

  • Location: Dingjiang Town, Lingchuan County 灵川县定江镇
  • Bus: 22, 303

How to Get to Guiyang North Railway Station

  • Location: Jiaxiu North Road, Guanshanhu District
  • Bus: 13, 50, 56, 65, 66, B236, 261, 262, 263, B267, B268, B270, B292, 802, 1055

How to Get to Guiyang East Railway Station

  • Location: Wudang District, Guiyang
  • Bus: 272, 274, K271, 275

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