In December, 2019, China Railway developed and upgrade some Fuxing High-Speed Train to Fuxing Intelligent EMU(Electric Multiple Units ) . And it become the most intelligent, convenience and comfortable train. If passenger want to book Fuxing Intelligent EMU can ask our customer service to check for you. This article will take the CR400AF-Z Fuxing Intelligent EMU as example to introduce the upgrade of the Fuxing Intelligent EMU.

 New version train

The Upgrade of the Train

The CR400AF-Z model of the "Fuxing" Intelligent EMU is a high-end model in the "Fuxing" series. Its maximum operating speed can reach 400 kilometers per hour, with a sustained running speed of 350 kilometers per hour. This model can reduce operational resistance by 7.5% to 12.3% under different working conditions. When the speed reaches 350 kilometers per hour, the energy consumption per passenger per hundred kilometers is reduced by approximately 16.7%, effectively reducing the energy consumed during sustained operation. These features are in line with the widely circulated concept of "green, environmentally friendly, and sustainable development".

The intelligent CR400AF-Z model Fuxing high-speed train is designed based on the "Ruilong Intelligent Operation" program and has its exterior design themed accordingly, and with three prominent golden characters spelling out "Fuxing Hao" (Revival) on the outside of the train. The colors red, orange, and yellow run through the entire train like ribbons, giving it an elegant and agile feel. In addition, the leading car has a driver's boarding door, making it convenient for the driver to get on and off. The train adopts a low-resistance streamlined design and smooth configuration, utilizing aerodynamics to increase the overall height of the EMU to 4.05 meters and incorporate all external equipment into the train body. This greatly reduces air resistance by 3% to 5% and increases the spaciousness inside the carriages. The overall design is more elegant, and the performance is more energy-efficient and efficient. In terms of vibration and noise reduction, the improved onboard air conditioning system minimizes the impact of external pressure waves, making passengers less likely to experience discomfort when the train passes through tunnels or meets other trains. Additionally, the EMU has added various lighting effects for different working conditions to meet different passenger needs.

The Upgrade of the Seat

Business Class Seat

Business class seat

The business class seat has been developed differently from the normal Fuxing High-Speed Train's seating arrangement. While the regular Fuxing EMU seating arrangement consists of two seats on the left and one seat on the right, the business class seat in the Fuxing EMU has only one seat on each side. This arrangement uses a fish bone design with staggered seating. This change of arrangement allows for more spacious seats and spacers in business seats, and have space to providing one person per cabin to ensure passenger privacy and comfort, similar to first-class seats on airplanes. Additionally, the armrest of the seats are equipped with an intelligent touch panel, which can easily adjustment to various positions between sitting, reclining and lying modes with one click. And the call button are also set on the armrest to summon staff once passenger need help.

In order to increase the enjoyment of the passengers in the journey, each seat is equipped with a 29 inch screen-mirroring touchscreen TV, featuring split-screen functionality. This allows passengers to view the temperature inside the train and the train speed while watching TV, a function only available on Fuxing Intelligent EMU. The business class alsooffers snacks, sterilized towels, memory pillows, cotton blankets, disposable headphones, slippers, and eye masks to increase the comfort while passenger resting or taking a nap on the train . Furthermore, the seats are equipped with tray tables and reading lights. Passenger don’t need to worry about the awkward choice between charging your laptop or charging your phone anymore. Because there are multiple socket choice, including 2 USB socket, 1 dual socket with two or three holes and a wireless charging pad. Additionally, there is a luggage safe belt beside each seat to secure the luggage.

1st Class Seat

first class seat

To enhance passenger comfort, not only the seat pitch increased from 1.10 meters to 1.16 meters, but also the 1st class seats now feature an adjustable headrest and electronic leg rest. The tray table has been relocated from the armrest to the back of the front seat. The socket also has 2 USB sockets and 1 dual socket with two or three holes, and it changes its position to under the armrest, and passengers don't need to bend anymore.

2nd Class Seat

The length of the seat is enhanced 2 center meters to increase the comfort of passengers. In addition to upgrading the existing charging port under the seat, and a USB socket has been added to the back of each front seat, providing greater convenience for passengers to charge their phones or other electronic devices without worrying about not carrying a charger or the awkward situation of 2-3 passengers using one socket. All seats are optimized based on human factors engineering, and the depth of the groove of the tray cup holder enhances the stability of the water cup placement.

Quiet Car

If you want to have a quiet environment to rest or simply prefer a quiet atmosphere, then the quiet car is a good choice for you. On December 24, 2020, railway authorities launched a pilot service called the "Quiet Car." These cars are provided in the 2nd class section, and passengers must maintain complete silence while in this carriage. "Quiet Car" signs are posted inside the carriage and on both sides of the glass door. "Service reminder cards" are placed behind each seat pocket to inform passengers about the "silent policy." Additionally, the onboard video system remains silent by default, playing a promotional video called "Silent Car" in a loop.

quite car

In this carriage, watching videos and listening to music using the phone's loudspeaker, speaking loudly, answering or making calls are prohibited. If a passenger violates the "silence" regulation, personnel will first be politely reminded, if passenger further violates the regulation, their seats may be adjusted to a different carriage in order to maintain a quiet environment to the greatest extent possible. If you wish to choose the quiet car, please inform our customer service. However, please note that due to its popularity, it may not always be available. We do not recommend passengers with infants, children, or those who need to make frequent phone calls to choose this carriage.

The Upgrade of the Facilities

Well-Equipped Facilities

Well-Equipped Facilities

In the dining carriage, a new vending machine has been added, which provides passengers with self-service options for purchasing fruits, drinks, snacks, and other items. Passengers no longer need to wait for the trolley. Additionally, all carriages on the train areequipped with 5G-based Wi-Fi technology . With the coverage of 5G network signals along the line, it will offer passengers superior voice calls and mobile network services. This is great news for business executives and ordinary passengers alike, as they can now use their laptops or cellphones to work or pass the time on the train.

The train's air conditioning units now use frequency conversion technology, resulting in more precise temperature control and reduced noise. The carriages are quieter, providing passengers with increased comfort, while also reducing energy consumption by 10%.

And increase the luggage storage at the junction between the two carriages, to meet the needs of passengers who were carrying large luggage or multiple pieces of luggage.

The seat display has changed from the ordinary printed on the top of the seat to an electronic screen. Passengers taking the "Fuxing" Intelligent EMU can easily determine the status of a seat, whether it is sold, available for sale, or reserved, at a glance through the red, yellow, and green electronic lights displayed on the seat screen. This makes it transparent and visible for passengers to know if they need to purchase tickets or upgrade their seats.

Accessible Facilities

Accessible carriages are provided in the 2nd class section, featuring Braille on the seats, seat numbers, and other train facilities. The passages have been widened, and wheelchair storage has been added to make it easier for priority passengers to navigate. In order to further enhance accessibility, functionally designated areas are provided in the accessible compartments for wheelchair users, featuring space, safe belt, handrails and charging outlets.

The accessible restrooms have also been upgraded, offering more spacious. Handrails have been installed to assist priority passengers in using the facilities. These accessible restrooms are not only more convenient for the elderly and disabled but also for parents with babies. The baby changing table includes a safe belt, allowing parents to change their baby's diaper while the baby remains secured on the table. Restrooms on the train are equipped with an intelligent identification system, enabling automatic lighting adjustments to free passengers' hands and save energy.

The Upgrade of Train System

Operation and maintenance become smarter. After optimization, the intelligent operation and maintenance level of the Fuxing high-speed train has been improved. By adopting 9 intelligent operation and monitoring systems,including Ethernet train control and onboard safety monitoring, the intelligence level of train operation and safety monitoring is further enhanced. Through the integration of the train network and onboard video, when events such as smoke, overcrowding, passenger-triggered emergency buttons, or door abnormalities occur, faults can be quickly identified and resolved through the linkage of onboard video alarms. This not only reduces the risk of further expanding faults but also improves the efficiency of fault handling during the train journey.

Sensing of the train becomes more sensitive. Upgrading the onboard safety monitoring system, the entire train is equipped with thousands of monitoring points, adding over 700 more than before.It monitors various aspects of the train, such as running gear condition, bearing temperature and vibration, traction and braking systems, electrical circuits, fire safety, and passenger environment, in a "holistic" manner . This comprehensive monitoring supports fault diagnostics and maintenance, ensuring operational safety.

5G tecnology

The brain of the train becomes more advanced. By using Ethernet train control technology, the transmission capacity is increased by 100 times, and the transmission speed is improved by 60 times. The data transmission and processing capabilities of the high-speed train are significantly enhanced, making train control and fault diagnostics more powerful. Furthermore, it supports 5G vehicle-to-ground wireless communication, enabling real-time "full-data" transmission of vehicle status information to the ground, enhancing remote synchronization monitoring and maintenance capabilities.

Decisions become more precise. The upgrade and optimization of the Prognostics and Health Management system utilize big data technology to automatically alert or predict failures of key components in the high-speed train, improving operational safety. Additionally, it provides guidance for activating the "maintenance mode" based on specific situations. When data from various subsystems of the train exceeds the normal fluctuation range, the system not only automatically alarms or warns but also the artificial intelligence system can take over train operation according to preset safety strategies, enabling the train to slow down or implement emergency braking. This significantly improves the safety and maintainability of the "Fuxing" train.

Note: All picture are from China Railway

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