When traveling away from home, many priority passengers give up on their travels due to fear of inconvenience at train stations. In China, Chinese Rail provide considerate and free services for priority passengers. But priority passengers should make an appointment of priority passengers service before 2-72 hours of departure time. And there are also other priority passenger service facilities are available at train stations and on high-speed trains. And here are the following details.

Priority Passenger

Some passengers may be curious as to who are considered “priority passenger” in China? Actually there are same as other countries. And the priority passenger also divide into regular priority passenger and special priority passenger.

Regular priority passenger: passenger who are compliant with requirements below and have accompanying personnel and do not require full escort by staff throughout their journey, but require priority services provided by the station.

1.Elderly people: refers to people who are aged 65 and above

2.Disabled individual: refers to people who with physical, mental, intellectual or other disabilities.

3.Pregnant women: people who are pregnant.

4.Infant and minors: refers to infants who are 2 and under, and individuals under 18 years of age.

P.S: parent who carry with baby or children can also request priority service. Special priority passenger: passenger who are blind or require crutch, stretch or wheelchair assistance, and require special treatment or full escort by staff throughout their journey.


What is Priority Passenger Service?

China Rail's priority passenger service focuses on ensuring the convenience and comfort of passengers who require additional assistance. This service includes free stretcher and wheelchair support for those with mobility issues, as well as early platform access for priority passengers. Before entry platform and after arrival at the destination, trained attendants are available to help with luggage and provide guidance through the exit process, enhancing the travel experience.

How to make an appointment?

1.Call 12306

Passengers who need priority passenger service can make reservation before 2-72 hours of departure time. When you make the phone call you can use English service follow by the audio prompt. And please follow the audio prompts to access special assistance for priority passengers. The staff will ask you to provide information including name, passport numbers, train numbers, boarding station and service day, etc. And after the information are collected. Staff of boarding station will make a call to confirm again.

2.On-site reservation

Priority passenger can also make appointment at the boarding station. Passenger who need wheelchair or stretcher can tell the staff that you are priority passenger and need the wheelchair or stretcher service before entry the station. And regular priority passenger can entry the station and go to the enquiry or service counter request the service and the staff will help you.

3.Make a request to staff of China Train Booking

Passengers who are booked ticket on China Train Booking app can tell the staff that you need priority passenger service through the phone, email or WeChat. We will help you to do the reservation.

special service

Other Priority Passenger Service Facilities

Accessible toilet:not only the station will have accessible toilet but also the bullet train. The accessible toilet on bullet train is also a nursing room. Open the restroom and pull down the baby changing table on the wall panel, passengers can change clothes or diapers for the baby. And some major cities station’s accessible toilet also can be a nursing room, which include baby changing table, child-size toilet and child safety seat, which is more convenient for passengers.

Priority waiting room:priority passengers can wait in here and is near the priority lane, which is very convenient for priority passengers go to the platform directly.

nursing room

Nursing Room:Some high-speed train stations located in major cities have set up special mother and baby waiting rooms to cater to the unique needs and requirements of mothers traveling with their babies. These waiting rooms are designed to provide essential facilities such as nursing rooms, where mothers can comfortably and conveniently attend to their babies' needs in privacy. Some mother and baby waiting room will set up children's play areas to keep kids entertained and engaged, and train schedule information for passengers to better plan their journeys. The mother and baby waiting rooms aim to ensure that the travel experience for mothers and their babies is as comfortable and seamless as possible.

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