As an important part of China's digital life, Alipay provides you with a convenient, fast, and secure payment method, helping you easily complete various payment transactions in your daily life in China. Regardless of which country you come from, this article will provide you with a brief user guide to help you understand the basic functions of Alipay and how to add a credit card, enabling you to quickly get started. Nowadays, Alipay can also support linking credit cards issued outside of Chinese mainland, which makes it more convenient for foreign guests to use. In China, everyone from government halls to street stalls can pay with Alipay. Whether it's shopping payments, money transfers, or enjoying more convenient lifestyle services, Alipay can provide you with comprehensive support.

What is Alipay?

Alipay is one of China's largest mobile payment platforms, providing a variety of convenient payment functions. Here are some key features of Alipay:

1. Scan QR Code for Payments : Users can use Alipay to scan QR codes of merchants or individuals for payment. Whether it's in supermarkets, restaurants, or online shopping, users simply need to open the Alipay app and scan the QR code to complete the payment.

2. Money Transfers : Alipay enables easy person-to-person money transfers. Users can transfer money using mobile phone numbers, Alipay accounts, or by scanning the recipient's QR code. Whether it's sending money to friends or paying personal bills, it can be done effortlessly.

3. Bill Management : Alipay helps users manage various types of bills, such as utilities, mobile phone bills, credit card repayments, and more. Users can directly pay bills through Alipay or set up automatic payments, reducing the need for manual operations.

4. Utility Bill Payments : Alipay supports online payment for utility bills such as water, electricity, gas, and property fees. Users can inquire about and pay these expenses through Alipay, eliminating the need to queue or mail checks, greatly enhancing convenience in daily life.

5. Financial Services : Alipay provides a range of financial products, including money market funds and fixed-term investments. Users can choose suitable financial products based on their needs to earn certain returns.

6. Credit Payments : Alipay's credit payment feature offers convenient online consumption options. Users can enjoy credit services such as installment payments and Huabei (Buy Now Pay Later) based on their personal credit scores, making consumption more flexible and convenient.


Preparation Before Use

1. Sign Up: You can use mobile number or e-amil to sign up. No matter which country or region the mobile phone number can be used to register.

 sign up

2. Select Country or Region on Your ID


3. Verify Your Identity: According to the requirements of China's "Regulations on Management of Non-bank Payment Institutions' Online Payment Services," users of payment applications need to undergo real-name verification of their identity information to ensure security.

 verify verify

 add credit card

4. Add Card: 4.Alipay supports linking credit cards issued outside of Chinese mainland, such as VISA, MASTER, Diners, JCB, Union Pay and Discover.

(1)Click the “Me” on the bottom right

(2)Find “Bank Cards”

(3)Set the payment password for payment.

(4)Add Bank Card No., and complete the bingding by following the prompts on the page.

●If there are any problem or issue, please contact Alipay English customer service: +86 571 2688 6000 or 0571 2688 6000 if you are using a Chinese number.

How to Pay Via Alipay?


1. Buyer Scan the QR Code for Payment

Sept 1: Open Alipay and click “Scan”


Step 2: Scan the QR code and pay

 scan qr code

2.Seller Scan Buyer’s QR Code

Sept 1: Open Alipay and click “Pay/Collect”

pay and collect

Sept 2: Show your payment QR code to the seller



1.Transfer Money Within Alipay

Sept 1: Open Alipay and click “Transfer”


Sept 2: Select the way that you want to transfer money

 ways of transfer

(1)To Alipay Account

alipay achount

(2)To Bank Account

 bank account

(3)To Other Apps

 other apps

2.Pay Within Other Apps or Websites

While makeing the payment, select Alipay to pay.

 within app


Where Can I Use Alipay Offline?

WeChat Pay is the same as Alipay also has a wide range of applications in China and can be used for payments in many places. Here are some common offline places where WeChat Pay can be used:

Malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and street vendors: Malls and supermarkets support WeChat Pay, which allows you to scan the QR code provided by the merchant to complete the payment or the merchant will scan your QR code to complete the payment.

Restaurants and cafes: All kinds of restaurants and cafes support WeChat Pay, which allows you to place your order and pay by scanning a QR code on the table. For those with social anxiety, you no longer have to feel anxious about interacting with the order taker. For those who value efficiency and want to place orders as quickly as possible, you no longer have to stand in long queues waiting.

Event ticket: You can use mini program on WeChat to book the event ticket online in advance including theater ticket, talk show ticket, movie ticket and all kinds of event tickets. After you complete the payment, there is a QR code for you to collect the paper tickets when you arrive. If you want to book the ticket at the ticket counter, you can use WeChat Pay to complete the payment directly.

Public transport and taxis: Public transport systems, such as train stations, buses, taxis and subway also support WeChat Pay for fares. You can use the WeChat mini program to hail a taxi, or scan a code to use shared bicycles or electric bikes.

Gas stations: Gas stations already support WeChat Pay, so you can use it to pay while filling up.

WeChat Pay can be used for almost all payment scenarios, but please note that whether the above places support WeChat Pay payment may vary by merchant. Before using WeChat Pay, it is recommended to confirm whether the merchant supports WeChat Pay payment and the specific payment method.

Useful Sentence While Offline Shopping

While shopping offline and you need to make the payment in China, you can use these sentence to complete the payment.



( kě yǐ yònɡ zhī fù bǎo zhī fù ma ?)

Can I pay with Alipay?


( yí ɡònɡ duō shǎo qián ?)

How much is the total?


( wǒ yònɡ zhī fù bǎo fù kuǎn 。)

I will pay by Alipay.


( nǐ sǎo wǒ hái shì wǒ sǎo nǐ ?)

Do you scan my QR code or should I scan yours?