The China-Laos international railway has been open for over a month now, and as of May 23rd, the number of China-Laos railway trips exceeded 16 million, with 20,000 people crossing the border.

This railway is popular between China and Laos, as it not only brings convenience to the people living along the route but also promotes economic and cultural exchange. Since the China-Laos passenger international railway opened on April 13th, more and more people have been entering China through this railway, with over 20,000 people from 28 countries being transported. As a result of the cross-border policy reopening and the May 1st holiday, the China-Laos railway has become a golden tourist route, carrying more than90,000 passengers on a single day, a record high since its opening.


According to the investigation, most passengers from Laos to China come to study abroad, travel, or investigate the market. Due to the epidemic, most overseas students were unable to complete their school work. The opening of the China-Laos international railway has made it much easier for them to return to school than ever before. People's desire to travel, which had been dampened by the epidemic, showed a rebound after the opening of the China-Laos internationl railway. With the Chinese tourism market continually expanding and the strong support of the Chinese government for the tourism industry, the China-Laos Railway international railway has made traveling more convenient. As a result, an increasing number of Lao people are showing interest in visiting China.

To ensure the safe and orderly operation of international passenger trains on the China-Laos railway, the China Railway Kunming Group Co.,Ltd. have installed signs in Chinese, Laotian, and English at both the Kunming South Railway Station and Mohan Railway Station, providing crucial information for international travelers such as safety instructions and entry and exit procedures. To further enhance the passengers' experience, they have added a commercial area at the Mohan Station to provide shopping options and resolved the issue of international passengers arriving at Mohan Station without access to food supplies. The "five senses" service series (excellent vision, soft hearing, fresh touch, clear smell, and beautifu taste) has also been launched on the train to provide a safer, more convenient, comfortable, warm, and pleasurable travel experience for passengers. Provide multilingual communication services to ensure that foreign passengers from various countries' needs are met. Additionally, information desks have been set up in the dining cars, providing inquiry and help services through mobile phone translation software.

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China Customs implements intelligent clearance, using intelligent equipment such as thermographic infrared temperature-measurement cameras, intelligent health self-declaration terminals, and luggage and goods CT machine to improve the efficiency of inspection and implement intelligent supervision. At the same time, China Customs have launched a caring service that provides health consultation for inbound and outbound passengers, and optimized services for priority passengers. To improve clearance efficiency, China Customs have also launched convenience measures: first, increasing on-site guidance outside the counter and deploying additional police officers to ensure timely assistance and guarantee passenger safety and maintain on-site order. Second, improving the efficiency of clearance through China citizens channel, ensuring waiting time not exceed 30 minutes. Third, foreign passengers entering the country can fill in the entry card in advance on the train to improve the efficiency of subsequent entry procedures. Fourth, build a intelligent port, enhancing information sharing and resource utilization with port-related entities, effectively integrating various forces to improve clearance efficiency.

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