The spring is coming and there will be a lots of beautiful landscape all around China. If you want to see the most beautiful landscape and experience the different region culture of China. Good news! Tourist train in 2023 has departed, which not only can lead you appreciate the divine scenery but also can make you have a comfortable and unique trip.

Taklamakan Desert Tourist Train-Y936

The Taklamakan Desert, located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is the largest desert in China and the second largest desert in the world. It is different from inland areas in terms of culture, nationality, language, and cuisine. If you have already experienced the culture of the north and south, the beautiful northwest will give you a unique and completely new experience of natural landscapes and rich cultural connotations.

train to xinjiang

From March 27th, passenger can take this train from Urumchi. This 11-day journey covers approximately 4,000 miles and takes passengers through various fascinating sites, including the stunning Pamir plateau, the Loulan Ruins in Ruoqiang County, the ancient Silk Road transportation hub of Kashgar, experience the impressive Kuqa civilization and Qiuci culture, and the Tarim River (which is the longest inland river in China).

The train consists of 13 soft sleeper carriages, two dining carriages and one bar carriage. There are eight Golden Diamond carriages, each carriage accommodate only eight tourists. The carriages consist of four suites with a 1.5-meter double bed, a separate bathroom, a desk, and a wardrobe. The remaining five coaches are the Blue Diamond coaches, each of which can accommodate 28 tourists. They are made up of seven soft berths with public bathroom services at both ends. The train is also equipped with a karaoke room, bar, and dining room. If you want to experience special Chinese culture and a comfortable trip, this train will not let you down.

Zibo, Shandong Barbecue Tourist Train

barbecue tourist train

Zibo, located in Shandong province, is one of the most famous cities in China for barbecue. The train is from Jinan, Shandong to Zibo, Shandong, since March 31. On the train you not only can see the landscape, but also can eat the famous Zibo barbecue and receive a lot of souvenirs form Zibo Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism. This tourist train only runs on Friday and Weekend. Not only there is a train but there is also a barbecue bus. 21 new "Zibo barbecue" bus routes have been added, and a popular barbecue restaurant route guide has been launched for visitors to Zibo. Tourist who want to taste one of the best barbecue in China can jump in the train!

Beijing to Huangshan Tourist Train

yellow mountain

From March 28, passengers who want to appreciate the landscape from Beijing to Huangshang can take the Y61 train from Beijing Fengtai Station and begin an trip with 8 days. The trip will take passengers through various fascinating sites, including Tiongtianyan Scenic Area, Zhaixia Canyon, Yellow Mountain, Thousand Island Lake and other landscape. Train Y61 consists of 15 carriages, including 12 hard sleeper carriages, with every compartment having 4 berths. The train is equipped with 2 doctors and offers diverse delicacies. This train is divided into 11 tour groups, with a total of 11 tour guides. It is designed for different groups of people such as the elderly and children, and the tourist train is equipped with experienced staff who provide caring services throughout the journey.

Ankang Shaanxi Rapeseed Flower Train

Now is the season where rapeseed flowers are in full bloom. From March 30, the train can take passenger to appreciate the sea of rapeseed flowers, enjoy the scenery of Qinling mountain and visit the Wu Jia flower House, Taiping village, Feng Jia Bao village and other scenic spots for free and taste the traditional Shaanxi delicacy. The train depart from Xi’an and equip with karaoke room, Mahjong for passenger to entertain. The return journey will be at 6:00 PM on the same day.

The "Explore the Ancient Shu Tourist Train" is coming Soon

nice view

If you want to explore the mysterious Sanxingdui culture and the magnificent Jiuzhai Valley, good news! The "Explore the Ancient Shu Tourist Train" is coming on April 18th. The journey will last 12 days, and passengers can enjoy famous scenery in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Hubei, and other places. This includes Longtoushan Scenic Spot, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sanxingdui Museum, Dujiangyan, Enshi Grand Canyon, Three Gorges Families Scenic Zone, and many other beautiful places. The tourist train is equipped with experienced staff who provide caring services throughout the journey. If you want to experience the hot and spicy Sichuan culture and delicacies, this train will be your best choice.

Useful Information for Tourists

Tourist trains provide full services, including full meals and hotels, docking with scenic area units in advance, opening up group channels, and providing shuttle services. It is similar to a tour group, but the mode of transportation has changed to a train in addition to buses. In the day, passengers can appreciate the landscape and experience activities at the scenic areas. At night, except for short-term tourist trains, passengers will sleep at a hotel or on the train.

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