From July 2017, passengers who take the high-speed train can order take-out on 12306.cn, is it good news? No longer need to eat instant noodles now! The following we would like to introduce how to order take-out on 12306.cn if you will take the high-speed train in China. When you are on a long train journey, you can try this service for your lunch or dinner. Or It’s okay that try different take-outs from different railway stations.

After successfully ordering meals via high-speed railway delivery, meals will be delivered to the passenger's designated carriage and seat. This means that in the future, in addition to choosing the meals on the train, passengers of high-speed trains will even be able to order take-out food, which will be delivered to the passenger's seat on time, which is very convenient. So, is this as good as it sounds? We actually tried it out on 12306.cn, and the whole procedures can get a high score.

When you enter the home page of 12306, we can click the “Ordering a Meal” button. Then, you need to input your departure date and train number and click the “search” button.


After completing the above steps, the relevant information of all the take-out foods can be searched. Furthermore, we take the G512 train, which passes through Zhengzhou Dong (East) Railway Station and ends at Beijing West (Xi) Railway Station as an example. It starts at Zhengzhou Dong (East) Railway Station at 11:32 and arrives at Beijing Xi (West) Railway Station at 14:47. It passes through Hebi East, Anyang East, Xingtai East, Shijiazhuang and Dingzhou East.

take-out-title zhengzhou-take-out shijiazhuang-take-out

As you can see, only two delivery terminals Zhengzhou East and Shijiazhuang have food delivery options, while the other stations along the route have not yet opened relevant services. But 12306 has previously made it clear that it will gradually open more stations to order food in the future. Now let's select Zhengzhou Dong’s KFC to see more detailed steps.

zhengzhou-kfc zhengzhou-kfc-payment-page

After selecting the meal, the information of the train number is already default to the train number selected at the beginning. You need to fill in the name and telephone number of the receiver and input the required tableware quantity. Of course, the invoice is also optional. At the same time, there are also very humanized in the remarks "more meat", "less vinegar" and other fixed options for choice.

Why Order Food Online on High-speed Trains from 12306.cn?

Abundant Choices of Cuisines

With a dining car, you can only get a limited selection of food. But if you choose to order food online via 12306.cn, you'll have enough options to choose local delicacies at different stations and also different times. Let's imagine that when you arrive at the Beijing Railway Station, you can enjoy delicious Beijing fried bean noodles without getting off the bus. If you want to continue tasting local food for the rest of your trip, you can order whatever you want. Each railway station will have a list of general foods, as well as special local foods from different regions. For example, pasta is a specialty of the northern and northwestern regions; The southern region is characterized by flour and rice.

Deliver Your Meal to Your Seat on the Train

KFC take-out

Kfc on train

The takeout deliveryman will bring your food to your seat. No unnecessary trouble! Sit back and relax. Your food will be served as soon as the train arrives. Therefore, if you reach the food delivery terminal of your choice. Please don't walk around. When your train arrives at the delivery terminal of your choice, it will be delivered to your seat, sometimes a ticket is required to verify it.

Special Notes for Ordering Take-out on the High-speed Train

1. It should be noted that there is a delivery fee for meals, most restaurants also have a minimum delivery fee. Meal boxes are also charged, and the price of meals is not cheap. We choose a KFC set meal at a price of 82 yuan, and finally added 8 yuan for the delivery fee, the final cost was 90 yuan.

2. You can cancel the take-out order 120 minutes before the departure time of the food delivery station. If the merchant has other requirements on the cancellation time, please follow the time set by the merchant. (The system maintenance hours from 23:00 to 6:00 the next day are not available for unsubscription service).

3.Only the Chinese version is supported on the website, which has a lot of inconvenience for English users. If you want to order your meal, don't hesitate to cantact us. We will help you to get your food on train.

4. You have to order your food at least two hours before the departure of your train and pay it via WeChat or Alipay.

Booking Your Train Tickets and Your Take-out

You are always welcome to use our China Train Booking app to get your tickets within 3 minutes. We will make the process of booking a train ticket quite easy for you. Payment is also safe and convenient via credit card, PayPal, WeChat, and Alipay.If you meet any difficulities when you order the food, feel free to ask us. We are pleasure to help.

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