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Anyone who has taken a long train ride must have had the experience of eating on the train. In China, many people take some instant noodles with them to eat on the train. Friends who do not bring food often eat boxed lunches on the train. Of course, if you have money, you can also go to the dining car to eat, but the price is more expensive. Now China's high-speed trains also have takeout services, so if you order your meals in advance, you can taste different local delicacies at different stations.
Boxed lunches on Chinese trains are actually reasonably nutritious, usually with meat and vegetables. Prices usually range from 10 yuan to 30 yuan. In fact, you will feel good to taste the box lunch on the train once in a while.
However, in terms of catering, traditional instant noodles, instant rice and bread still occupy the front page of the train menu. Taking the train is just a kind of transportation for most people, so they will not spend too much attention on catering. In other parts of the world, a train is not just an arrival, it is a part of the journey and should have a value to be enjoyed, starting with a train meal. Let's take a look at what dining cars in these countries look like and what kind of food passengers can eat.

The United Kingdom

British food has long been a disappointment, but over the past decade it has moved away from the old-fashioned pairing of chips and bread to produce elaborate and impressive variations. The Eurostar train, which links London and Paris, has been heralded from the start, travelling through two of Europe's iconic cities, and the food on the train has also been paid much attention. The menu, designed by Michelin-starred Eurostar chefs, ranges from foie gras, crepes and macarons to fish and chips, pudding and roast beef. The journey to Paris and London begins on the tip of your tongue.




The originator of bento. Bento on Japanese trains is very attractive, with bright colors and rich ingredients. It is said that the Japanese train bento ingredients are purchased locally, so it is very fresh. In addition, the Japanese train bento nutrition collocation is very reasonable, the taste is very delicious. In addition, there is a production date and shelf life on the bento. Generally, Japanese railway bento is produced on the same day and is required to be eaten on the same day. Usually, the bento includes sushi, beef, vegetables and some local snacks. Sometimes the waiter will also give a small bottle of local sake or shochu, so that the guests fully enjoy a kind of warmth and consideration. You can ask the staff to buy it anytime.

The United States

Many train lines in the United States now have their own unique style, because they want people to think that the train is a pleasant thing to do, not just a way of transportation. Amtrak now purposely makes many of its routes a distinctive sign, hoping that people will use trains not just as a means of transportation, but as a means of travel. Trains in the United States give people the feeling of taking a plane, because there is a dining car on the train, there will be staff pushing the dining car at a certain time to ask passengers if they need a meal. On short trains, you can also see staff pushing the refreshment cart and asking people if they want sandwiches, pizza, drinks and so on. It's very comfortable. If it's an international passenger, there are some local specialties, so when you're on an American train, you feel very comfortable. In fact, we all know that Americans prefer to eat fast food. There are many kinds of fast food on the train, such as hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. Of course, there are also more formal western food such as steak.


There is also a dining car on the train in France, which is similar to that in the United States. The staff will ask people whether to have dinner. It will also provide children's meals, so that children can also eat food. Not only that, there are hot meals, drinks, fruits, organic food and so on, giving people the feeling is not like taking a train, but in the supermarket, food is very complete. Some trains, there will be a cart selling food, when you want to buy directly, no longer running around and waste your time.




When it comes to Indian trains, the first impression is that India's car-picking skills are very powerful. You can often see a train, inside the compartment, on the roof of the train, in the window of the train, crowded with people, which makes you scared and frightened. Isn't it hard to imagine that there are lunch boxes on the train in India? Generally, when you get on the train, there will be a staff member to register the needs of food, and then at the time of eating, the food will be brought over, while handing out lunch boxes, while collecting money. These foods mainly include burritos, rice, chicken curry and so on.

South Africa

South Africa has the world's most spacious luxury train, Europe and the United States aristocracy called it "cruise on the rails" and "mobile five-star hotel", its catering can be comparable to star-level hotel buffet. Passengers were treated to live music and a red carpet on the platform at the departure.
There is also a mini-bar in the cabins, a cigar bar, a small library and a small post box, and afternoon tea in the lounges. In terms of meals, the trip includes a full buffet English breakfast, a full menu of lunch and dinner prepared by famous chefs, and a lounge and observation deck where guests can mingle after dinner.




Prices in Thailand are probably the best part of the trip, and this is reflected in the menu of food on the train. There are plenty of dishes, plenty of portions, but the price is not too high. The dinner was rich in seafood, meat and a variety of vegetables, accompanied by a special sweet and spicy sauce, which was just full.

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