Dali Ancient Town

Lijiang and Dali are two famous scenic cities which located in Yunnan province. You can enjoy a perfect combination of amazing natural scenery, diverse ethnic customs, and a pleasant climate all year round in both of these places.

From Lijiang to Dali, the distance between the two places is about 160 kilometers. There are 4 normal speed trains run between them every day with the travel time of 2 to 2.5 hours. The price of a hard sleeper costs no less than CNY 69.5.And it costs only CNY 34 to purchase a hard seat ticket. 

VIP Room-A Special Compartment on The Train


VIP Room

There is a special compartment called VIP room on Lijing-Dali line. For passengers who travel with companions can also choose to book VIP room ticket. It is more private and comfortable. There are 3 beds in a room, and the passenger who book the ticket can board the train with another two companions with a same ticket. The privacy of the VIP room is relatively good. It’s suit for travelling alone, couples, partners, families, master and servant, colleagues or other close friends.

How to Use VIP Room Ticket?

1.Passengers need to pass through the manual checking lane firstly.

2.After checking your ticket, you can directly go to the VIP aisle.

Tip: One ticket can be accompanied by two people, the total cannot over three people. Please take all the all of your passports and get in/out the station at the same time.

Lijiang- Dali Normal-Speed Train Schedule

  • Distance: 157 kilometers (97 miles)
  • Duration: 1.5 - 2.5hours
  • Stations: Lijiang Railway Station,Dali Railway Station

Lijiang - Dali Normal-Speed Train Schedules

Train No. Time Duration
K9622 07:38 - 09:30 01 h 52 min
K9624 09:56 - 12:11 02 h 15 min
K9626 11:16 - 13:50 02 h 34 min
K9628 13:20 - 15:49 02 h 29 min

Note: VIP room only available on train No.K9622 & K9628

Dali to Lijiang Normal-Speed Train Schedules

Train No. Time Duration
K9621 10:08 - 12:47 02 h 39 min
K9623 13:15 - 15:47 02 h 32 min
K9625 14:38 - 17:25 02 h 47 min
K9627 16:48 - 19:01 02 h 13 min

Note: VIP room only available on train No.K9621 & K9627

To check more timetable train schedules, please download our China Train Booking app.

Lijiang - Dali Normal - Speed Train Ticket Fare

Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Soft Seat Hard Seat VIP room
CNY 150.5 CNY 114.5 CNY 49 CNY 34 CNY 328.5

Maps of Lijiang Railway Station & Dali Railway Station

Lijiang Railway Station

Lugu Lake in Lijiang

Lugu Lake in Lijiang

  • Chinese name: 丽江站
  • Address: Shangji Village, Yulong County   (In Chinese:云南省丽江市玉龙县上吉村)
  • Transportation: Bus, taxi
  • Nearby hotels: Liting Hotel , Greentree Inn (Lijiang Railway Station Yuxing Road)
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket
From To Transportation Time Price
Lijiang Railway Station Lijiang Ancient Town
Bus No.4 52 min CNY 2
Taxi 30 min CNY 22
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Bus No.16 - No.17 3h 18 min CNY 3
Taxi 2 h 40 min CNY 200
Wolong Panda Center Taxi 26 min CNY 65

Lijiang Railway Station map >>>

Dali Railway Station

Three Pagodas of Chongsheng in Dali

Three Pagodas of Chongsheng in Dali

Dali Railway Station is about 18 kilometers from Dali Ancient Town, 3 kilometers from Erhai Park (洱海公园). It operates both high-speed trains and normal speed trains to/from Kunming and Lijiang.

  • Chinese name: 大理火车站
  • Address: 261 Weishan Road (In Chinese:大理市巍山路261号)
  • Transportation: buses, taxis
  • Nearby hotels: Lavande Hotel, Travel Set Hotel , Siran Original Hotel
  • E-ticket: support to use e-ticket
From To Transportation Time Price
Dali Railway Station  Dali Ancient Town
Bus No.8 53 min CNY 3
Taxi 40 min CNY 50
Erhai Park Xiaguan (下关)- Haidong (海东) bus line 30 min CNY 3
Taxi 13 min CNY 10
Dali Airport Taxi 28min CNY 35

Dali Railway Station map >>>

Dali Ancient City

Dali Ancient City is located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, south of Hengduan Mountain, under Cangshan Mountain and beside Erhai Lake. It covers an area of 3 square kilometers.

With a history of more than 500 years in the Tang and Song dynasties, Dali is the political, economical and cultural center of Yunnan. There are many cultural relics and historical sites in the ancient city. The city is well preserved, and those important ruins still can be seen. By 2013, there were 14 key cultural relics at or above the municipal level. It’s about 17.9 kilometers from Dali Railway Station to Dali Ancient City. Passengers can take bus no.8 to get there. The duration is about 1 hour and 21 minutes.

Booking Your Lijiang - Dali Train Tickets online

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