Erhai Park

Erhai Park

Dali Railway Station is about 18 kilometers from Dali Ancient Town, 3 kilometers from Erhai Park.

It operates both high-speed trains and normal speed trains to/from Kunming and Lijiang

  • Station name in Chinese: 大理站, Dàlǐ Zhàn  
  • Station address: 261 Weishan Road
  • Chinese address: 大理市巍山路261号
  • Nearby transportation:buses, taxis

Dali Railway Station Map

Dali Railway Station Map

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Trains to Kunming and Lijiang

  • Dali-Kunming: Over 20 high-speed trains run from Dali Railway Station to Kunming Railway StationKunming Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs 123 yuan per second-class seat ticket.
  • Dali-Lijiang: Two normal-speed trains run each day from Dali Railway Station to Lijiang Railway Station. The journey takes about 2½ hours and costs about 34 yuan per hard seat ticket.

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The Layout of Dali Railway Station


What to Eat around Dali Railway Station

Dairy Fan

Dairy Fan

There is no restaurant in Dali Railway Station. You can taste Dali typical snacks around the station.

For local Chinese food, I strongly advise you to try some Dali local snacks, such as Cold Rice Noodles, Dairy Fan(乳扇) and Xizhou Baba(喜洲粑粑).

Transports Around Dali Railway Station


  • Available bus:  1, 5, 8, 21, City Sightseeing Line, Santa Special Line


As you leave Dali Railway Station, follow the signs to reach the taxi stands. When going to Dali Railway Station, you will be dropped off near the main building.

Getting to Other Places from Dali Railway Station

To Dali Ancient Town, 18 Kilometers

Dali Ancient Town

Dali Ancient Town

>>> By bus
Take bus 8 at Dali Railway Station, and get off at Dali Ancient Town.
This journey takes about 1h and costs 3 yuan.

>>>By taxi:The journey takes 40 minutes and costs about 47 yuan.

To Erhai Park, 3 Kilometers

>>> By bus
Take Xiaguan (下关)- Haidong (海东) bus line at Dali Railway Station, and get off at Yunlong Road (云龙路).
This journey takes about 30 minutes and costs 3 yuan.

>>> By taxi: The journey takes 13 minutes and costs about 10 yuan.  

To Dali Airport, 15 Kilometers

Since there are no direct buses to Dali Airport, we advise you to go there by taxi.

>>> By taxi: The journey takes 28 minutes and costs about 35 yuan.

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Booking Your Train Tickets

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