skating rink

skating rink

Changchun, the capital and deputy provincial city of Jilin Province and the central city of Northeast Asia economic circle. Changchun is an important industrial base, a national cultural city and a comprehensive transportation hub in China. It is known as the "Detroit of the East". People often come to Changchun to escape the heat during the summer and enjoy the snow in winter. It has become a popular tourist destination in recent years.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Changchun Railway Station has been expanded and upgraded many times. By 2013, when the whole station was fully re-opened, it could accommodate 15,000 people waiting for trains at the same time.

Changchun Station is a railway hub station in northeast China and Jilin Province. It’s one of the largest railway stations in Jilin Province, with a total construction area of about 270,000 square meters, including 68,062 square meters of station rooms, 9 platforms, 16 lines                      

The station operates both normal and high-speed trains. passengers can go to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Harbin from Changchun Railway Station easily.

  • Name in Chinese: 长春站                                 
  • Hefei Railway Station Address: 5 Changbai Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun, Jilin, China
  • Address in Chinese: 吉林省长春市宽城区长白路5号
  • Station size: nine platforms, sixteen lines                        
  • Nearby transportation: buses, taxis, subways
  • E-ticket Service: yes
  • Station Telephone: 0431-12306

Changchun Railway Station Map

Changchun Railway Station is in Kuancheng District (宽城区), which is the city center of Changchun City.

Check the below online map now.

Changchun Railway Station Map

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Popular Trains from Changchun Railway Station

  • Changchun–Xi'an: There are 2 normal-speed trains run from Changchun Railway Station to Xi'an Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 30 hours and costs 434.5 yuan per hard sleeper ticket.
  • Changchun–Beijing: There is 5 normal-speed train runs from Changchun Railway Station to Beijing Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 10 hours and costs 222.5 yuan per hard sleeper ticket.
  • Changchun–Shanghai: There are 2 normal-speed trains from Changchun Railway Station to Shanghai Railway Station. The journey takes about 21 hours and costs 463.5 hard sleeper ticket.
  • Changchun–Harbin: 3 high-speed trains head to Harbin Railway Station from Changchun Railway Station. The journey takes about 2 hour and costs 81 yuan for a second-class seat ticket.

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Layout of Changchun Railway Station


Changchun Railway Station consists of a four-floor building and two squares (south square and north square).

F4: restaurants
F3: service desks, luggage storage service, waiting area, toilets, hot drinking water, restaurants
F2: waiting rooms, toilets, specialty stores, hot drinking water, restaurants
F1: ticket offices, service desks, luggage storage service, toilets, hot drinking water, restaurants
B1: arrival floor, restaurants, station exit, subway station

What to Eat at Changchun Railway Station

fried leek dumpling

fried leek dumpling

Changchun is famous for its Northeast Cuisine. The typical dishes are Fried Pork in Scoop (锅包肉), Braised Pork with Vermicelli (猪肉炖粉条), Sour Pickled Cabbage Fried Meat (酸菜炒肉), Fried Leek Dumpling (韭菜盒子)…

For Western-style food, you can find Dicos and KFC.

For local Chinese food, you can go to the fourth floor to try some Northeast flavors. If you have enough time, you can also find some local restaurants around Changchun Railway Station.

Changchun Climate

Changchun is a temperate continental humid climate. Although the east and south are not far from the sea, but because of the block of Changbai Mountain which has weakened the role of the summer wind. The western and northern parts of Songliao Plain are flat. The climate is generally characterized by dry and windy in spring, warm in summer, abundant sunshine in autumn, very cold with snow in winter.

The average temperature of spring: 7℃
The average temperature of summer: 22℃                      
The average temperature of autumn: 7℃

The average temperature of winter: -12℃ 

Transports Around Changchun Railway Station


  • Name: Changchun Railway Station (长春站)
    Price: 1-3 yuan
    Location: north or south side of the station


The location of the taxi stand: north square
Starting price: 8 yuan


Available lines: line 1, 3 and 4
Operating time: 05:50-21:30; 06:00-21:00
Changchun Metro Line Network, click the map to see a larger map:

Changchun subway map

Getting to Other Places from Changchun Railway Station

How to Get to Changchun West Railway Station

  • Total distance: 15 kilometers

>>> By subway: Metro Line 1 → Metro Line 2
1. Take Metro Line 1 at Changchun Railway Station and get off after 3 stops at Jiefang Road Station.
2. Take an internal transfer at line 2 and get off after 9 stops at Changchun West Railway Station.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 37 minutes and costs about 34 yuan. 

How to Get to Jingyuetan Ski Resort

ski resort

ski resort

  • Total distance: 25 kilometers

>>> By subway:Metro Line 1 → Metro Line 3

1.Take Metro Line 1 at Changchun Railway Station and get off at Weixing Square.
2. Take an internal transfer at line 3 and get off after 14 stops at Ski Resort Station.

This journey takes about 1 hour and costs 5 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 51 minutes and costs about 49 yuan.

How to Get to Longjia International Airport

  • Total distance: 33 kilometers

>>> By train
Take the high-speed train at Changchun Railway Station and get off at Longjia International Airport.

This journey takes about 15 minutes and costs 9 yuan.  

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 50 minutes and costs about 78 yuan.

Booking Your Train Tickets

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