Leshan Emeishan

Leshan Emeishan

Leshan Railway Station serves high-speed trains between Chengdu, Emeishan, Mianyang and Jiangyou.

It’s only It is about 12 kilometers from the Giant Buddha, 10 kilometers from the city center of Leshan, and 38 kilometers from the Emei Mountain.

  • Station name in Chinese: 乐山站, Lèshān Zhàn
  • Station address: Baolian Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City
  • Chinese address: 乐山市市中区宝莲路
  • Nearby transportation:buses, taxis

Leshan Railway Station Map

Leshan Railway Station Map

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The Layout of Leshan Railway Station


Popular Trains from Leshan Railway Station

  • Leshan-Chengdu: Over 20 high-speed trains run from Leshan Railway Station to Chengdu East Railway Station Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 1 hour and costs 54 yuan per second-class seat ticket.

  • Leshan-Emeishan: Seven high-speed trains run each day from Leshan Railway Station to Emeishan Railway Station. The journey takes about 15 minutes and costs about 11 yuan per second-class ticket.

  • Leshan-Jiangyou (江油): Five high-speed trains go from Leshan Railway Station to Jiangyou Railway Station. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs 115 yuan for a second-class seat ticket.

  • Leshan-Mianyang: Five high-speed trains from Leshan to Mianyang Railway Station everyday. The duration is about 2 hours and costs 99 yuan a second-class seat ticket.

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What to Eat at Leshan Railway Station

Leshan Bobo Chicken

Leshan Bobo Chicken

Leshan Railway Station is not a big railway station, you can only find few restaurants in it.

For Western-style food, you can find KFC in the station.

For local Chinese food, I strongly advise you to try some Leshan local snacks around the train station, such as Bobo Chicken (钵钵鸡), Guokui (锅盔) and Grass Jelly (仙草).

Transports Around Leshan Railway Station


  • Available bus: 1, 3, 22, night line
    Location: the east side of the station


Please follow the signs to find the taxi stands.
Starting Price: 7 yuan

Getting to Other Places from Leshan Railway Station

To Leshan Giant Buddha, 14 Kilometers

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha

>>> By bus
Take bus 3 at Leshan Railway Station, and get off at Leshan Giant Buddha,.
This journey takes about 1h and costs 1 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 40 minutes and costs about 51 yuan.

To To Leshan Square (city center), 4 Kilometers

>>> By bus
Take bus 12 at Leshan Railway Station, and get off at Leshan Square,.
This journey takes about 25 minutes and costs 1 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 10 minutes and costs about 8 yuan.

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