Lijiang Lugu Lake

Lijiang Lugu Lake

Lijiang is a charming city in Yunnan Province (云南省), which has rich in tourism resources.

For Lijiang Railway Station. It’s only10 kilometers away from Lijiang Old Town and 40 kilometers away from Lijiang Sanyi Airport. Passengers can take trains from Lijiang Railway Station to other tourist cities such as Kunming and Dali.

  • Name in Chinese: 丽江站, Lìjiāng Zhàn             
  • Address: Shangji Village, Yulong County
  • Address in Chinese: 云南省丽江市玉龙县上吉村                      
  • Nearby transportation: buses, taxis
  • E-ticket service

Lijiang Railway Station Map

Lijiang Railway Station Map

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Trains from Lijiang to Dali and Kunming

    Yunnan Province is famous for its tourism and there are many places of great interest, such as Kunming, Dali, Lijiang. Passengers can go to Dali and Kunming from Lijiang City very convenient by train.

  • Lijiang–Kunming: About ten high-speed trains run from Lijiang Railway Station to Kunming Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 3 hours and costs 220 yuan per second-class seat ticket.

  • Lijiang–Dali: Passengers can take normal-speed trains from Lijiang to Dali. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs about 114.5 yuan per hard-sleeper ticket.
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    If you want the privacy space and quiet environment on the train, it’s recommended for you to book VIP room. There are 3 bed in one room, and it’s 669 yuan from Lijiang to Kunming in total.

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Layout of Lijiang Railway Station


Lijiang Railway Station has two-floor building with typical Naxi style.

F2: waiting room, toilet, hot drinking water
F1: ticket offices, waiting room, left luggage office, shop, toilet, hot drinking water

Transports Around Lijiang Railway Station

Bus and Taxi

Both bus stop and taxi stand are in front of the station square. It’s very clear and convenient for passengers to find them.

Getting to Other Places from Lijiang Railway Station

To Lijiang Old Town, 10 Kilometers

Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang Old Town

>>>By bus
Take bus 4 at Lijiang Railway Station, and get off at Bailong Station.
This journey takes about 52 minutes and costs 2 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 30 minutes and costs about 22 yuan. 

To Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 35 Kilometers

>>>By bus:

  1. Take bus 16 at Lijiang Railway Station, and get off at Xiangshan Market.
  2. Transfer to bus no.17 and get off at Xueshan Stop.

This journey takes about 3 hours 10 minutes and costs 3 yuan.

 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 2 hours 40minutes and costs about 200 yuan.

To Lijiang Sanyi Airport, 43 Kilometers

>>>By bus

  1. Take bus 4 at Lijiang Railway Station, and get off at Old Town Government Stop.
  2. Transfer to airport shuttle bus and get off at Lijiang Sanyi Airport Stop.

This journey takes about 1 hour 45 minutes and costs 23 yuan.

>>>By taxi:   The journey takes 26 minutes and costs about 65 yuan.

Booking Your Train Tickets

Taking trains to Lijiang is one of the most romantic things now. The unique scenery along the railway lines is amazing and you will experience the real life of the Chinese national minority. Let’s book train ticket(s) to Lijiang now!

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