Qingdao Scenery

Qingdao Scenery

Qingdao Railway Station (青岛火车站) has a proud history of over 100 years since its original construction in 1899.  Passengers can take trains to most provincial capital cities in China and cities inside Shandong Province. Since it’s in the city center of Qingdao city, you do not need to worry about the transportations around here.

  • Station name in Chinese:青岛站
  • Station address: No.2 Taian Road, Shinan District
  • Chinese address: 青岛市市南区泰安路2号
  • Nearby transportation:buses, taxis,subway

Qingdao Railway Station Map

Qingdao Railway Station Map

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Popular Trains from Chengdu Railway Station

  • Qingdao–Beijing: 3 high-speed trains run from Qingdao Railway Station to Beijing South Railway Station each day. The journey takes about 5 hours and costs 314 yuan per second-class seat ticket.

  • Qingdao–Shanghai: Four high-speed trains run each day from Qingdao Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The journey takes about 7 hours and costs about 524 yuan per hard seat ticket.

  • Qingdao–Xi’an: Only one high-speed trains operating from Qingdao Railway Station to Xi'an North Railway Station daily. It takes about 9 hours and costs about 620 yuan for a second-class seat ticket.

  • Qingdao–Nanjing: There are four high-speed train head to Nanjing South Railway Station Nanjing South Railway Station from Qingdao Railway Station. The duration is about 6 hours and costs about 398.5 a second-class seat ticket.

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The Layout of Qingdao Railway Station


What to Eat at Qingdao Railway Station

Seafood Noodles

Seafood Noodles

Qingdao is famous for seafoods and dumplings. The local food in the station is limited, you can find some special food around the station.

For Western-style food, you can find Burger King and Costa Coffee on B2, McDonald's on B1 and F2.

For local Chinese food, you can try Dezhou Braised Chicken. It’s on B2.

Transports Around Qingdao Railway Station


  • 1. To/from Qingdao Railway Station (青岛火车站): 8, 220, 223, 303, 305, 307, 320, 321, 325, Tunnel-1, Tunnel-2, Tunnel-3, Tunnel-5, Tunnel-6, Tunnel-7.

  • 2. To/from Qingdao Liuting International Airport (青岛流亭国际机场): take Bus No.305 or 702 straight to Qingdao Liuting International Airport, taking about 2 hours. Optional: take Bus No.304 to Fushansuo Stop (浮山所站), walk 30m to Aviation Hotel (民航大厦) and take Bus No.701 to Qingdao Liuting International Airport.



Starting price: 9 yuan


Available line: Line 3
Station name: Qingdao Railway Station.

Getting to Other Places from Qingdao Railway Station

To Qingdao Pier Park, 2 Kilometers

Qingdao pier park

Qingdao pier park

>>> By bus
Take bus no. 8/ 301, 320 at Qingdao Railway Station and get off at Zhongshan Road.

This journey takes about 20 minutes and costs 1 yuan.

>>>By taxi:  The journey takes 5 minutes and costs about 10 yuan.

To Qingdao North Railway Station, 25 Kilometers

>>> By subway: Metro Line 3, 21 stops in total
Take Metro Line 3 at Qingdao Railway Station and get off at Qingdao North Railway Station.

The duration is about 1 hour and it costs 5 yuan.

>>>By taxi:   The journey takes 28 minutes and costs about 40 yuan.

To Qingdao Liuting International Airport, 33 Kilometers

>>> By airport shuttle bus: line no.2
Take airport shuttle bus line no.2 at Qingdao Railway Station and get off at Qingdao Liuting International Airport.       

This journey takes about 1 hour 24 minutes and costs 20 yuan.

>>>By taxi: The journey takes 40 minutes and costs about 87 yuan.

Booking Your Train Tickets

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