COVID-19 vaccine

Foreigners who are living in Shanghai could make an appointment of domestic COVID-19 vaccine since March 29, 2021. Two doses of vaccine will be required to get in one month. People who were insured of China social security can enjoy equal treatment as Chinese. While who is not insured should pay 100 RMB for each dose of vaccine.

How to make an appointment of COVID-19 vaccine?

Step 1. Scan the QR code to access the service page

Here is the QR code to access to the service page of WeChat official account of Health Cloud. Starting from march 29, 2021, this page will allow to make an appointment to get COVID-19 vaccine for the foreigners in Shanghai.

QR-code for COVID-19 vaccine

Step 2. Register and log in

Using your Chinese phone numbers can register easily. After logged in, find the service page for foreigners to make appointments for COVID-19 vaccine. Make sure you pass the real name authentication by using your passport, or The Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card.

Step 3. Get vaccinated at a community healthcare center in Shanghai

The community healthcare centers below are allowed to get COVID-19 vaccine for foreigners. Check which center is close to your apartment.

  • Huangpu District
  • 1. Waitan Street community healthcare center, Ningbo Road No. 321

    2. Dapuqiao Street community healthcare center, Liyuan Road No.712

    Health cloud register
  • Xuhui District
  • 1. Kang Jian Street community healthcare center, Jiang An Road No.88

    2. Fenglin Street community healthcare center, Shuang Feng Road No.450

  • Chang Ning District
  • 1. Bei Xin Jing Street community healthcare center, Bei Yu Road No.111

    2. Xinhua Street community healthcare center, Ding Xi Road 710 lane No.99

  • Jing'an District
  • 1. Jiang Ning Lu Street community healthcare center, Huai An Road No.736

    2. Pengpu Town second community healthcare center, Gao Ping Road No.1011

    3. Huashan International Medical Center (Shanghai Huashun Hospital), Urumqi Zhong Road No.12, building No.1, 8th Floor

  • Putuo District
  • 1. Chang Shou Street community healthcare center, Chang Shou Road, Lane 505 No.3

    2. Chang Zheng Town community healthcare center, Qianyang Road No. 209

  • Hongkou District
  • 1. Jia Xing Lu Street community healthcare center, Hong Guan Road No.1

    2. Liang Cheng Xin Cun community healthcare center, Liang Cheng Road No. 854

  • Yangpu District
  • 1. Daqiao community healthcare center, Chang Yang Road , Lane 1389 No.75

    2. Yin Xing community healthcare center, Bao Tou Road No. 959

  • Min Xing District
  • 1. Xin Zhuang community healthcare center, Shui Qing Road No.1099

    2. Zhuan Qiao community healthcare center, Hu Guang Road No. 151

  • Baoshan District
  • 1. Gucun Town community healthcare center, Shui Chan Xi Road No.1138

    2. Miao Xing Town community healthcare canter, Chang Jiang Xi Road No. 2700

  • Jiading District
  • 1. Ju Yuan Xin Qu community healthcare branch center of north city, Hong Shi Road No.336

    2. Nan Xiang Town community healthcare branch center of Xing Cheng, Nan Xiang Town, Fang Lin Road No. 980

  • Pudong District
  • 1. Xuan Qiao community healthcare center, Hu Nan Road No.8719

    2. San Lin community healthcare canter, San Lin Road No. 375

  • Jinshan District
  • 1. Zhu Jing community healthcare center, Zhu Jing Town, Luo Xing Nan Road No.608

    2. Shi Hua community healthcare canter, Shi Hua Xiang Zhou Road No. 12

  • Song Jiang District
  • 1. Zhong Shan Street community healthcare center, Shi Hui Road No.451

    2. Xiao Kun Shan Town community healthcare canter, Wen Xiang Road No. 6300

  • Qingpu District
  • 1. Xu Jing Town community healthcare center, Xu Min Road No.1088

    2. Yingpu Street community healthcare canter, Ying Fu Road No. 50

  • Feng Xian District
  • 1. Feng Pu Street community healthcare center (Gao Zhou Road out-patient department), Yun He Bei Road No.135

    2. Feng Cheng Town community healthcare canter, Feng Cheng Town Hong Miao Road No. 95

  • Chong Ming District
  • 1. Bao Zhen community healthcare center, Bao Zhen Dashan Road No.377

    2. Cheng Qiao Town community healthcare canter, Cheng Qiao Town Hua Niao Road No. 309

COVID-19 Vaccination Guidelines


1. There are two doses of COVID-19 vaccine. The second dose requires 28-day interval. If in emergency, at least 14-day interval is needed.

2. Each dose of vaccine costs 100 RMB for expats in Shanghai, except those who are insured of China social security.

3. Stay in the center for 30 minutes after vaccinated. If any serious adverse reaction happens, go to a hosipital right away.

4. People who are NOT allowed to get vaccinated:

  • Aged under 18 and above 60.
  • Allergy to the ingredients of vaccine.
  • Patients with acute disease.
  • Patients with chronic disease at acute stage.
  • Patients with fever.
  • Women during pregnancy or lactation period.

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