Night view of Gubei Water Town

In general, China is currently very safe for travel. Until now, 37 new confirmed cases have been reported, which including 10 imported cases and 27 local cases. All cases are under well treatment and quarantine now.

People now back to work or school normally, most areas are opened to public. So just followed the rules in public then you can travel with confidence.

China Expat: Some Travel Restriction& information in China that You Need to Know

Now travel in China is gradually resuming. Cross-province tours are allowed in China (except for areas with medium or high risk). Foreign visitors who have the required documents (including ID card, passport, green health code , etc.) are accepted to visit most attractions and tourist areas.

*Green health code:A color-coded health system has been implemented throughout China and shows your health risk based on where you have been and who you have contacted. A green code (or a green health QR code) can be obtained when your health information is submitted in the system is approved. Different cities have their own green code.


Li River Cruise

 Some safe Cities in China that are currently opened

Most popular cities are open and can be visited by travelers now. Some of these destinations and attractions are listed in the table below. Traveling to these cities is relatively safe, but we still recommend you to do some necessary personal protection.

Shanghai Chengdu Guilin Zhangjiajie
Beijing Chongqing Luoyang Guangzhou
Hangzhou Suzhou Datong Xiamen
Lanzhou Zhangye Dunhuang Sanya
Guizhou Ningbo Shaolin Temple Li River Cruise
Longmen Grottoes The Ancient City of Ping Yao Yangtze River Cruise Yungang Grottoes

Areas that remained Closed(Updated on 5th August): Tibet ; Xinjiang ; Ganzi Autonomous Prefectures ; Aba Autonomous Prefectures (Jiuzhaigou).

The reopening dates for these locations are not yet known. But with China's sufficient medical facilities and experienced medical staff, we have strong belief that we can handle the situation of new infections. We will update it if there have the latest information. Or feel free to use the instant messaging function in the app to contact us for the latest information.


Views along the Yangtze River

Latest update:

The Yangtze River Cruise is expected to open in August with boats departing once or twice a week. The reopening of the 'New Century Cruises' (accepting foreign visitors) will be on August 15th and 'Victoria Cruises' (remain to confirm wheather it accepts foreign visitors) will open on August 7th.

Beijing now is considered a low-risk zone and can be visited by foreign travelers from other domestic areas. Expats in Beijing can also travel outside to other provinces.

There are still some new infections in Xinjiang and Dalian, But the circumstance is under control. Here are some areas with Medium and High Risks in China (Updated on 3rd August).

If you are traveling from areas with medium or high risk, you may not be allowed to visit other cities. You will need to show negative nucleic acid test results upon arrival if you plan to enter other cities or provinces.

Areas with High Risk: Urumqi (Tianshan District and Saybagh District), Dalian (Ganjingzi District)

Areas with Medium Risk: Urumqi (Xinshi District, Shuimogou District and Toutunhe District), Dalian (Xigang District and Jinpu New District) Except the above areas, all other areas are low risk.

Tips for Your 2020 Trip in China

Some rules that still need to be followed in public spaces:

  • It is required that everyone wears a mask during their visit
  • Always keep a moderate distance while line up to visit

Other Tips for Trip in China 2020

  • Be cautious to plan to go to medium or high risk areas
  • Many attractions have a requirement to make an appointment before your visit or purchase tickets in advance Such as Mogao Grottoes
  • You may be required to scan QR code when going in and out of public places such as supermarkets and some attractions
  • Be prepared to make changes to your itinerary and travel plans
  • Hard-shell suitcases or waterproof bags are recommended as your check-in luggage may be sprayed with disinfectant in transit
  • Always pay attention to the epidemic situation of your location and destination

Although there are some rules that still needs to be followed, but it is necessary for everyone. Now most places in China it is safe enough and can be freely visited compared with other places of the world. If you can apply for a visa or are already in China, you can plan your trip and travel with confidence.

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