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China Newest Train - Fuxinghao

Fuxing Hao is currently the fastest and the most advanced high-speed train in China.

With an average speed of 350 kph, the train series of Fuxing Hao broke the world record of commercial train speed in 2016.

*The Shanghai Maglev trains are faster, but limited to one short length of track. Fuxing Hao trains travel much further.

In 2019, 17 extended version of Fuxing Hao started to operate. As the longest and fastest train series, it has 17 carriages that are able to carry more than 1280 passengers.

Until 2020, there are totally 712 Fuxing Hao trains operating on China railways. Most of them served those first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou. It’s believed that more Fuxing Hao trains will be available for more cities.

What Makes Fuxing Hao Different with the Other Trains?

Fuxing Hao is the most advanced train in the world for its speed, technology, and great comfort while taking.

Here is a comparison table of the speed of other countries’ commercial high-speed trains:

Country High-Speed Train Type Average Speed
China Fuxing Hao 350 kph
Japan Shinkansen 270–300 kph
France TGV 320 kph
Germany ICE 300–320 kph
Spain AVE 300 kph

There are four variants of Fuxing Hao trains.

  • CR450: The fastest train model that reaches the maximum of speed of 450 kph, Running speed 400.
  • CR400: The already operating train model that reaches the maximum of speed of 400 kph, Running speed 300.
  • CR300: It applies to express highway, which limits the speed of 250 kph.
  • CR200: Operating only for intercity railways, such as the lines of Beijing - Tianjin.
  • CR400AF-B: It is the longest train that owns 17 carriages and carries 1280 passengers. At the length of 440 meters, the train is even longer than a circle of a standard playground. To learn more about the extended version of Fuxing Hao, please visit: The Longest Train in The World

Fuxing Hao Is Very Intelligent

Fuxing Hao Series of trains are equipped with 2500 sensors that help to drive automatically. Also, the windows, air-conditioners, lighting system on the trains realized intelligent control. It indeed helped passengers improve the experience of taking a train in an intellectual way.

How Much Better Is Fuxing Hao

China Bullet Train

China Fuxing Bullet Train

  • Safer: “Fuxing Hao” has a strong detection system to deal with all kinds of failures. When it detects that there is something wrong with the train, the system can automatically give an alarm and slow down or even stop the train.
  • Faster: The average speed of most of China’s high-speed trains is about 300 kph. “Fuxing Hao” reaches an average speed of 350 kph, with an accelerated speed of 400 kph. Generally, it takes about 6 hours to travel between Shanghai and Beijing on a high-speed train, but “Fuxing Hao” only needs 4½ hours to finish the whole journey (the distance between Beijing and Shanghai is about 1,250 kilometers).
  • Greener: Compared with “Hexie Hao CRH380” (the most common type of high-speed train), the total dissipation of “Fuxing Hao” has declined by 10%.
  • More comfortable: 220V sockets are available in each row. The brightness of reading light can be adjusted. Less pressure from the outside of the train while travelling.
  • More spacious: “Fuxing Hao” is more commodious with its height increased to 4,050 millimeters. The seats are more spacious and the interior noise is quieter. In the first-class car, the seat space is extended to 1,160 millimeters; in the second-class car, each seat is lengthened by 20 millimeters and the seat space is extended to 1,020 millimeters.
  • Wi-Fi is available: Travelers can connect to the free Wi-Fi offered on these trains from any car on “Fuxing Hao”.
  • A more aesthetic appearance: Compared with traditional high-speed trains, the model lines for “Fuxing Hao” are more elegant and smooth. The train has two types of designs: the golden phoenix one and the red dragon one. These are the two fairy-tale animals symbolizing auspiciousness in China.

Fuxinghao's Future Plan

To apply for serving the high and cold areas, such as Suchuan - Tibet Railway, Fuxing Hao is making great effort to upgrade its technology.

Also, a series of inspection and maintenance system and warning system for disasters will be created to protect Fuxing Hao all around.

Below is a long picture of the interior of Fuxing Hao train. Fuxinghao Train Layout:

Fuxing Hao Bullet Train
Fuxing Hao Bullet Train
Fuxing Hao Bullet Train
Fuxing Hao Bullet Train
Fuxing Hao Bullet Train
Fuxing Hao Bullet Train
Fuxing Hao Bullet Train

The Meaning of “Fuxing Hao”

“Fuxing” means “renaissance” in English. China Railway named this high-tech bullet train “Fuxing” to express a good expectation for the future.

The literal translation of “Hao” means “serial number”. Here, it means the type of high-speed train. Therefore, “Fuxing Hao” can be explained as “Renaissance High-Speed Train” in English.

History of Fuxing Hao Development

  • 2012 - Started to research and development independently by China Railway Corporation.
  • 2016 - Broke the world record of speed of commercial high speed train to 420 kph.
  • 2017 - Officially named Fuxing Hao, and started to service the railway between Beijing and Shanghai.
  • 2018.08 - Fuxing Hao series took the place of the old inter-city train series on Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway.
  • 2018.10 - The extended version of Fuxing Hao started on service. With 17 carriages that are able to carry 1283 passengers, it becomes the world’s fastest and longest train.
  • 2019 - Fuxing Hao firstly operated in the line of Urumqi - Korla, Dali - Lijiang, Luoyang - Beijing. Now there are totally 978 Fuxing Hao trains on service in China.
  • 2020 - More Fuxing Hao trains will be available across China railways.

Which Lines Have “Fuxing Hao” High-Speed Trains

* For your reference, it is only part of the lines and train numbers for those popular cities.

  • Beijing–Shanghai: G1/G2, G3/G4, G5/G6, G7/G8, G9/G10, G13/G14, and G17/G18
  • Beijing–Shenyang: G219/G220
  • Beijing-Tianjin: C2011, C2025, C2043, C2073, C2087, C2045, C2105, C2001, C2017, C2085, C2029, C2049, C2063, C2079, C2093, C2101, C2221, C2211, C2219, C2229
  • Beijing-Wuhan: G517/528, G557/558, G509/520
  • Beijing–Chengdu: G89/G90
  • Beijing-Guangzhou: G65/G68
  • Beijing-Shijiazhuang: G9061/ G9062, G9063 /G9064
  • Shanghai-Kunming: G1373/1372, G1375/1374
  • Shanghai-Ningbo: G7527
  • Shanghai-Wuhu: G7218 / G7219
  • Hangzhou-Nanchang: G4917
  • Nanchang-Hangzhou: G4918
  • Ningbo-Shanghai: G7502
  • Guangzhou-Shenzhen: G9731/9732, G9733/9734, G9735/9736
  • Guangzhou-Changsha: G6110/6119
  • Guangzhou–Lanzhou: G96/G97, G98/G95
  • Nanjing-Shanghai: G7229
  • Nanjing–Nanning: G1503/G1504
  • Nanning-Nanjing: G1504
  • Nanjing-Lishui: G7644
  • Chongqing–Shenzhen: G1314/G1311, G1312/G1313.

How to Buy a “Fuxing Hao” High-Speed Train Ticket

The way to purchase a “Fuxing Hao” train ticket is the same as buying other train tickets in China. They are listed with other trains and you just need to choose the right train number from the ones we have listed above.

If you are not familiar with how to buy a China train ticket, please first read: How to Buy a China Train Ticket.

We also highly recommend you use our China Train Booking app ( IOS, GooglePlay, Android APK ) to book your train ticket(s). Our timetables are synchronized with China Railway, and you can get your ticket(s) within 3 minutes after making the payment.

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