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International Worker’s Day in China will have a 5 days holiday. And many people in China are planning to travel around. So the train tickets are sold out very fast once it on sold. For meet the request of passengers, China Rail is taking multiple measures to further increase transport capacity and meet passenger travel demands. From April 27 to May 4, the national railway will arrange for more than 10,500 daily trains, including over 1,500 additional trains.

In order to cope with the passenger transportation peak during the May Day holiday, the railway department has taken two measures. Firstly, a peak train operation schedule will be implemented, with plans to organize the operation of passenger trains nationwide, increasing daily train runs by more than 1,500 to reach over 10,500.

Secondly, long-distance transportation capacity will be increased by adding 156 long-distance passenger trains across different railway bureaus. Among them, 102 overnight high-speed trains will be added during the periods from April 28th to 30th and May 2nd to 4th, covering multiple directions such as Beijing Chaoyang to Shenyang North, Beijing Fengtai to Taiyuan South, Beijing West to Xi'an North, Hangzhou East to Zhengzhou East, Shanghai Hongqiao to Xi'an North, Shanghai Hongqiao to Changsha South, Nanchang West to Guangzhou South, and others.

Thirdly, 54 additional bullet trains and regular trains will be added in tourist hotspots and areas with heavy passenger flow, covering multiple routes such as Fuzhou to Shenzhen North, Jilin to Qingdao North, Beijing Chaoyang to Changchun, and Beijing West to Nanchang.

additional train

Fourthly, optimization of the operation of sleeper trains will be implemented. 36 bi-directional sleeper trains will be added from May 2 to 4, including Shanghai Hongqiao to Foshan West, Shanghai Hongqiao to Guangzhou South, Shanghai Hongqiao to Zhuhai, Beijing West to Shenzhen North, Beijing West to Kunming South, and Beijing West to Zhanjiang.

Lastly, short-distance transportation capacity will be increased. Various railway bureaus and group companies will organize additional train runs based on the dynamic passenger flow within their jurisdictions, and implement precise "daily operation schedules" to meet the travel needs of short-distance passengers to the greatest extent possible. Shanghai Bureau Group Company will add 284 passenger trains to popular tourist destinations within its jurisdiction, such as Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Ningbo, Yangzhou, and Huangshan. Chengdu Bureau Group Company will add 30 short-distance overnight bullet trains, including Chengdu to Guiyang, Chengdu to Chongqing, and Chongqing to Guiyang, within their jurisdiction. Jinan Bureau Group Company will operate 82 daily bullet trains serving sections such as Jinan to Zibo.

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