Guanghzou Canton Fair Exhibition Area

With more than 60 years of history, the China Import and Export Fair, also called the Canton Fair, is the most important and largest trade fair in China. It was held every spring and autumn yearly in Guangzhou since 1957. There are 129 sessions having been held successfully up till now. The next coming session is the 130th Canton Fair that will be held online in October, 2021.

History of Canton Fair

The Canton Fair was established in Guangzhou in 1957, with the support of Misistry of Commerce of PRC and People's Government of Guangdong Province.

As a very important port near Hong Kong and Macau and a start point of Maritime Silk Road, Guangzhou is the best place to hold the China Export Fair.

China Import and Export Fair

The first Canton Fair in 1957 had exhibited more than 10,000 products, including Jiefang Car, light industrial products, agricultural products, and traditional art and crafts. It attracted 1200 buyers from 19 countries to attend and created over 86 million dollars of trading volume.

With the very outstanding turnover of the first fair, the Canton Fair become the most important way to connect China and the world. It changed the name from China Export Fair to China Import and Export Fair in 2007, which created more opportunity of for China and International buyers.

The China Import and Export Fair exhibition area locates at No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu district in Guangzhou. Covered the area of over one million square meters, it has indoor exhibition hall with 338 thousand square meters and outdoor exhibition areas with 43 thousand square meters.

Before the COVID-19 epdemic spread all over the world in 2020, the Canton Fair had hit the cumulative export trading volume of over one trillion US dollars with the attendance of 8 million abroad buyers.

Is Canton Fair 2021 cancelled?

The answer is NO. Considering of the prevention control of COVID-19 epidemic, the Canton Fair has been changed from offline to online since 2020. The 127th, 128th, and 129th Canton Fair were all held online before. The next coming session is the 130th Canton Fair will be held online in October, 2021.

How to attend online Canton Fair?

The next session of online Canton Fair will be held in October 2021. It includes Exhibitors+Exhibits Search, Virtual Events, Live Streaming, Instant Messaging and more, which supports all exhibitors and buyers to trade via internet.

If you are a new buyer...

If you are a new buyer, you can register your account at Here is all the information you need.

Register to Canton Fair

After you registered successfully, you need to input your company's information in the next step.You can choose to creat a new company or join to an existing company.

Complete company information

Now you are going to add your staff(s) in the admin. Everything is set up after your information has been verified.

Add your staff

If you are a new exhibitor...

All overseas enterprises who are going to apply for participation should meet the requirements of Participation Provisions. Here are the requirements for all exibitors based on

  • 1. Exhibitors shall be legally registered for more than 3 years by eligible law in any country or region other than mainland China.
  • 2. Exibits shall fall into the "The Exhibits Category of China Import and Export of Fair".
  • 3. Exhibits shall be produced in any country or region other than mainland China. Certificate of ORigin shall be submitted.

What products are exibited?

The Canton Fair has the most complete product variety with the lagest scale. Almost everything you want to buy can be found here.

Category Products
Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances Consumer Electronics, Electronic and Electrical Products, Computer and Communication Products, Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment
Building Materials & Hardware Building and Decorative Materials, Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment, Hardware, Tools
Machinery Equipments Instruments, Camera Instruments, Printing Apparatus, Household Sewing Machines & Spare Parts, General Machinery, Mechanical Fundamental Parts, Fluid Conveying Machine, Power Machinery, Electric Power Equipment, Gardening Machinery, Agricultural and By-Products Processing Machinery, Equipment Maintenance, Small Construction Vehicles
Food & Drink Food, Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Coffee, Fruit Juice, Drinking Water, Tea, Health Food
Household Items Baby Products, Pet Products, Household Health Equipment, Kitchenware & Tableware, Bathroom Products, Cleaning Products, General Houseware, Personal Care Products, Sports, Travel and Recreation Products, Cases and Bags, Furniture, Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments, Home Decorations, Stationery
Fabrics and Home Textiles Fabrics, Fiber and Yarns, Bed Linens, Bathroom Textiles, Table and Kitchen Textiles, upholstery Textiles, Machine-made Carpets, Handmade Carpets, Tapestries

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