From July 1, 2022, there will be new changes to the prohibited and restricted items on high-speed trains and normal-speed trains. Compared to the previous baggage policy ,the new content regulations are more specific, clear, and more user-friendly, and the restrictions on many daily necessities, food, and alcohol have been relaxed.

The catalogue of prohibited, restricted and checked items for railway passengers involves three categories of items prohibited from being checked in and carry-on, prohibited but allowed to be checked in, and restricted carry-on.

Among them, guns, bullets (including main parts and components), explosives, controlled appliances, inflammable and explosive materials, poisons, corrosives and other items are prohibited from being checked and carried.

Such as fruit knives, kitchen knives, sticks, baseball bats, sickles, guillotine knives and other sharp, blunt, tools and agricultural implements, which are prohibited to carry with you but can be checked in, and must be handled by express and checked before passengers travel.

Toilet water, spray, gel, alcohol, nail polish, polish remover, cold perm essence, hair dye, mousse, hair spray, insecticide, air freshener, etc. are restricted carry-on items. There are strict requirements, and passengers need to know these information before boarding.

In the announcement, a new item of "normal-speed train", which allows passengers to carry a small amount of poultry, livestock and daily tools and agricultural tools, greatly satisfies the needs of passengers to carry items on the public welfare "slow train". Added "official guns", landmines, fireworks (including cold light fireworks), military or police daggers, and crossbows to the items that are prohibited from being checked in and carried with you. 's items. Flammable and explosive articles are divided into compressed gases and liquefied gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, spontaneous combustion articles, wet flammable articles, oxidants and organic peroxides. In addition, the limited carry refers to the total amount carried by a single person in a single ride, in which "carry no more than 20ml of nail polish, polish remover, hair dye" is changed to: "Nail polish, polish remover accumulatively not more than 50ml ”, new specific regulations on alcohol volume, alcoholic beverages, and non-self-spraying pressure containers for daily necessities.


In order to make you understand more clearly, we will introduce you by category.

1.Baggage Prohibited from Carrying and Checking

Sharp knife

Including kitchen knives, fruit knives, scissors, utility knives, carving knives and other daily knives (the length of the blade exceeds 60 mm); (the length of the knives is also clearly specified, and ordinary daily knives with a blade length of less than 60 mm can be carried)


Sticks, bats, pool cues, hockey sticks, etc.

Tools (farm tools)

Including drilling rigs, cones, saws, welding guns, sickles, guillotine, etc.;)

Small Live Animals


Darts, slingshots, self-defense sprays not exceeding 50ml, etc.; Note: Guide dogs with work certificates and fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish and mollusks as food and packaged in closed boxes can be carried with you.


Items for Restricted to Carry-on

1.The total volume of alcoholic beverages with well-sealed packages, clear signs and an alcohol volume percentage greater than or equal to 24% and less than or equal to 70% shall not exceed 3,000 ml.

2.Perfume, toilet water, spray, gel and other non-self-spraying pressure container daily necessities containing flammable ingredients, the volume of a single container does not exceed 100 ml, and each type is limited to 1 piece.

3.Nail polish, smoothing agent accumulative total does not exceed 50 milliliters. 4.Clearly marked power bank and lithium battery, the rated energy of a single block does not exceed 100Wh, except for electric wheelchairs containing lithium batteries.


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